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Walk to The Pinnacle Lookout in Grampians National Park

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 About The Pinnacle
The Pinnacle provides one of the best lookout points in the Grampians National Park and it’s only a 4.2km return walk from the Sundial car park.  What may seem an intimidating walk staring up from Halls Gap, is thankfully not as frightening as it may seem. Longer routes exist from Halls Gap & Wonderland car park but for those seeking the easiest route to the Pinnacle, you should begin the walk at Sundial car park. The Pinnacle lookout is perched on rugged rocks overseeing the vast expanse of Bellfied dam, Halls Gap and beautiful Western Victoria. Lush native lands coupled with an abundance of wildlife makes this walk entertaining and easy on the eye. Sturdy shoes would be recommended to tackle this walk,  the jagged rock formations that are so iconic to the Grampians act as a natural playground but also add an element of difficulty. Be sure to have plenty of water as much of the walk is exposed to harsh sun. Shade is offered by trees at the top which make a beautiful spot to grab some lunch and a breather. Sundial car park – The Pinnacle: 4.2km return (allow 1.5 hours) Wonderland car park – The Pinnacle via Grand Canyon: 5km (allow 2 hours) Halls Gap – The Pinnacle: 9.6km (allow 5 hours)
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My Grampians adventure to The Pinnacle: @maxroux__
@c.b.mcleod and I planned to walk up to the Pinnacle lookout after a big breakfast in Halls Gap. Short on time, we were not going to miss the opportunity to explore this Grampians gem. Starting from Sundial car park, we were encompassed by beautiful fauna and rich wildlife. Walking over the rocky spurs provided us with exhilarating fun as we jumped from rock to rock. Running on just a few hours of sleep and an early 5am wake up, we were still jumping with energy. The Pinnacle lookout isn’t a hidden gem as such, the walk is on everyone’s checklist but rightly so. This allowed us to meet like-minded people who appreciate the great outdoors just like us. Upon arriving at the Pinnacles, we loomed over halls gaps and admired the wonderful panoramic view. The grand structure nature has provided for us was an excellent spot for many photos.”
How to get to The Pinnacle:
  1. Travel Towards Sundial car park
  2. Follow signs and continue on the clearly marked track for 2.1km towards the Pinnacle lookout.
Best Conditions
Sunrise, shoulder seasons: Spring & Autumn.

Moderate. Jagged rock formations and some steep sections.


I began my photography journey in the early parts 2016. Struggling to sleep at night, I needed a source of distraction. What became a simple distraction, shifted into passionate hobby of mine which was capturing the wonders of nature surrounding us all.

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