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Discover Lower Kalimna Falls (Lorne)

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Lower Kalimna Falls isn’t the biggest waterfall you’ll ever see in Victoria but it is really unique and picturesque. Water trickles from an overhanging rock ledge leaving a large cave behind the falls. A large plunge pool surrounded by rich ferns and mossy rock completes this natural gem.

trees and debris clutter the water so unfortunately it’s not ideal for a swim but a beautiful place to just dip the toes in during Summer. After rain, the trickle turns much heavier and the tracks become very muddy; it’s still just as magical though.

How to get to Lower Kalimna Falls

The shortest walk to Lower Kalimna Falls depends on the accessibility of the Garvey Track by car.

Option 1: If the Garvey Track is gated off, the only option is to park at Sheoak Picnic Area and take the easy 3km hike to the Falls (allow 40 minutes). The walk begins opposite the car park and It’s very well sign-posted. The walk is very flat but can get muddy in wet months.

Option 2: If the Garvey Track is open to vehicles, continue past the Sheoak Picnic Area for 3km until you reach a green walking sign on your right hand side for “Lower Kalimna Falls”. Park here and take the 1.1km walk to the falls (allow 15 minutes). This track is slightly more undulating but only slightly more difficult; predominantly downhill going to and uphill coming back.

**Upper Kalimna Falls is a further 1.3km walk deeper into the Otways from the lower falls (allow 20 minutes). These falls are much larger and more powerful.

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My Adventure: @mattcharlesworth

On a long-weekend getaway to Lorne, @rosiebartle and I went searching for Lower Kalimna Falls. Coming off the back of a very dry and warm Summer, we weren’t even sure if it was going to be flowing at all. Luckily, the Garvey Track was open this time of year so we continued past Sheoak Picnic Area and opted for the shorter walk instead. The hike was a gradual downhill and just 1km long, it only took us 15 minutes or so.

That first sound of the water trickling is always a delight; relieved that we’d actually see a watefall and not just a bone dry rock. A gap in the lush ferns and a few steps closer… what a gem! We wandered into the cave behind the falls and reached out to drink straight from the trickle. It felt so pristine and so magic; it’s truly amazing what nature is capable of.

Best Conditions

Tracks are muddy in wet months but the waterfall changes with the seasons and is just as magic all year round. In times of drought, this waterfall may not be flowing.

  • Difficulty Easy – Moderate.
  • Camping? Free camping close by at Sharps Camping Area.
  • Dogs? Not Permitted.
  • Toilets? Yes, at Sheoak Picnic Area.

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