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About Us

Our journey began in March 2016 with an aspiration to unveil the splendors of the Australian outdoors. Founded by Matt Charlesworth and Rosie Bartle, our mission was to spotlight the natural beauty of Australia and foster a community inspired by adventurous and enriching experiences in nature.

Hollow Mountain Cave in Grampians

As Humble Trail evolved, so did our vision. With Matt and Rosie taking a step back, the reins have been passed to a dedicated team, ensuring that the spirit of Humble Trail continues to thrive. Our transition from a community-driven platform to an editorial-centric model marks a new chapter in our story.

A Note from our Founders, Matt and Rosie:

Rosie Bartle and Matt Charlesworth at the top of the Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse

“From a simple idea on a return flight, to a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts, Humble Trail has been our dream brought to life. As we step back, we entrust this dream to capable hands – a team committed to guiding Humble Trail with the same passion and vision. We are excited for the future, as Humble Trail continues to inspire and connect people with the extraordinary beauty of Australia.” – Matt & Rosie

The Humble Trail Collective

The heart of Humble Trail is now our collective of editors and contributors. United by a firm commitment to editorial integrity and independence, this skilled ensemble delves into the diverse landscapes of Australia.

Our goal is to selectively curate content that genuinely represents the rich and varied cultural fabric of the country. From electrifying experiences to serene escapes, we sift through the multitude to bring you the essence of Australia’s wonders. Our honest and independent reviews of the latest openings, alongside guides to our favourite restaurants, bars, shops, and events, are crafted to help you discover your new favourite places.

Join the Adventure

If you share our passion for unearthing the hidden gems of Australia, we welcome you to contribute. Whether it’s a story untold or a moment captured, your perspective adds depth to the tapestry of experiences that Humble Trail presents.

Our Mission

Humble Trail was never just about finding the road less travelled; it was about showing the true beauty of Australia in all its forms. Whether it’s through an adventurous hike, urban exploration, or a scenic road trip, our mission is to guide you to experiences that reveal the heart and soul of Australia.

Explore with us, and discover the diverse beauty of this extraordinary land.