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Please take every precaution possible to ensure your safety. The activities described on this website are a lot of fun but fun can end quickly if someone hurts themselves. Do not attempt any of the activities seen at HumbleTrail.com if your safety is in jeopordy. Always consider the weather conditions, tidal changes and other environmental factors before partaking in any trip. Just because you have witnessed footage or read about an activitity does not necessarily make it safe. Consider wearing personal safety equipment while performing any activities to minimise the risk of injury. The last thing we want to see is someone injure themselves.  

HumbleTrail.com provides information about activities which can cause serious injury and death. Practising any of the acts seen or described at HumbleTrail.com is at your own risk. HumbleTrail.com disclaims all responsibility for any resulting injury, expense or damage while practicing any of the actions suggested or seen at HumbleTrail.com. It is your responsibility to make sure that your actions comply with applicable laws, including copyright.


Message from the creator:


Now that all the legal information is covered, I just wanted to stress how important your own safety is! In the process of filming and exploring the Humble Trail, I have suffered a number of injuries. I’m quite lucky that none of the injuries have been serious… Please conduct your own research on the area and weather conditions to ensure that you visit when it’s safe to access. Yes, some of the activities shown on this website are literally in the middle of no where. Carry essentials and have an action plan in case something does go wrong. If you require any additional information about places seen on this website, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best.

Happy exploring.