Swim at Fairy Cove Beach in Wilsons Prom

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 About Fairy Cove

Fairy Cove beach is a 2.8km/ 45min coastal hike from the Darby River carpark in Wilsons Prom. What better way to spend the day but on an open beach by yourself or with mates.The walk begins up a steep incline on wooden planks and eventually mellows out to a moderate walk down to the beach. Fairy Cove is 250 meters of open beach with crystal clear water, giant rock formations, rock pools and wildlife. 

This beautiful stretch of beach is not well known and tends to stay pretty quiet all year round; beat the crowds at other popular Wilsons Promontory beaches. It’s a great spot if you feel like you want to go for a short hike, swim and adventure. Wilsons Prom is home to some of Victoria’s most stunning beaches and Fairy Cove might just top the list as the best… it’s an absolute must-do. 

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My Fairy Cove, Wilsons Prom Adventure:  @brodyexplores

“I had never been to Wilsons Promontory before this trip and my expectations were high but the “Prom” lived up to its name, visiting places like Fairy Cove & Mt Oberon. Driving to the Darby River carpark from the Tidal River campground it was hard not to notice the spectacular panoramic views with a vast array of wildlife along the way. It was simply amazing how untouched this national park is.

We set off on the same route as the Darby River to Tongue Point walk and then diverted onto the Fairy Cove access path. Once we reached the Fairy Cove beach, we couldn’t wait but adventure around. We climbed boulders and rocks before jumping in the Bass Straight waters to cool off. The water was a refreshing temperature and we spotted many small fish swimming around us.

Fairy Cove is a must stop location when visiting Wilsons Prom and it would be disappointing to overlook and miss out on what it has to offer. Next time I’ll spend an entire day here just swimming, and chilling out.”

How to get to Fairy Cove
  1. Travel towards the Darby River carpark.
  2. The walking track starts to the left of the carpark. Follow signs to Tongue Point.
  3. Walk 2.8km along the coastal track.
  4. The track will come to a grassy hill where you will find a set of wooden stairs to the beach with panoramic views, crystal clear water and an open beach. You’ve found it!
Best Conditions

Warmer months. Any time of the day. Great for spectacular sunsets. 


Moderate to difficult with steep inclines and descents.


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