Discover the Byaduk Caves near Hamilton, Victoria

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About the Byaduk Caves
The Byaduk Caves lie hidden beneath the surface just South of Hamilton, Victoria. Volcanic activity from Mt Napier has formed 4 large and distinct lava tubes in the area. This hidden gem calls for a unique adventure as you descend down into a dark circular dome known as “Harman’s One”. Feel the cold, moist air fall over you as you disappear into the darkness of the cave; a flashlight and brave soul is essential for this one. The larger Byaduk cave continues 20 metres below the surface and opens into an 18-metre wide, 10-metre tall chamber. A short walking track links the 4 cave structures for viewing from up above but only “Harman’s One” is accessible without any climbing gear. Even still, the access track is steep, slippery and covered in large rocks but it is doable. Stalagmites, stalactites and bent-wing bats feature inside the Byaduk caves and lush ferns & moss on the outside.
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My Byaduk Caves Adventure: @mattcharlesworth
“I stumbled across the Byaduk caves while Road tripping the South-West corner of Victoria. From the coast I ventured inland to the volcanic region of Mt Napier state park just South of Hamilton. I was blown away by the Byaduk caves, in particular the size of “Harman’s One”. Looking over the edge into this huge hole in the ground and finding that it dropped even further into this black abyss was pretty spectacular. I scampered down the slippery path and took a seat just inside the entrance. The warmth of the sun was lost and the air turned cold and wet. I read signs warning of the bent-wing bats hibernating and I had forgotten a flashlight anyway, so I opted out of going too far inside the cave. I spent time appreciating the geology & flora before heading up to discover the other Byaduk caves from the walking track up top.”
Getting to the Byaduk Caves
  1. Travel Towards Byaduk Caves Road
  2. Continue to the very end and park in the car park.
  3. Walk 100m, following signs to Harman’s one, two or the bridge cave.
Best Conditions
All year round. Avoid visiting after heavy rain.
Very Easy to view caves from walking tack. Moderate – difficult to enter “Harman’s One” cave.


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