Explore the London Bridge in Portsea (Mornington Peninsula)

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About the London Bridge in Portsea
Just a cruisy walk from the car park down onto Portsea back beach you’ll find the London Bridge; one of the most impressive and unique rock formations that lines the Mornington Peninsula coastline. “The Pen” (local slang for Mornington Peninsula) is well known for being Melbourne’s playground. Crowds flock to the bay in Summer to swim at white-sand beaches but only the adventurous souls venture out to the back beaches. Eye-catching rock formations can be spotted on most headlands around Portsea but none quite like the London Bridge. The London Bridge resembles a large amphitheater with portal lookouts to sea… some of natures finest engineering. You can appreciate a birds-eye perspective from the lookout or even wander inside this natural beauty from the beach down below. Plan your adventure for low-tide as surging waves crash up onto the rock and fill the structure.
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My Mornington Peninsula Adventure: @mattcharlesworth
“Low tide, sunrise and a decent swell all timed perfectly for a mini road trip to the London Bridge. We didn’t anticipate the chilly breeze we caught before day-break though. Dressed for the predicted 32-degree Summer’s day, we wrapped our towels around us as a shield and found a comfortable spot at the lookout for sunrise. As the sun peaked out from the horizon, Portsea back beach was greeted with warmth and colour. The lookout was a great vantage point but the adventure continued down on the water’s edge. Erosion from the wind and sea has created marvellous artwork in the rock. Lines and patterns flow through the structure and it’s really impressive to see up close. The light turned to shadow and the air became moist as we entered the amphitheater. Looking out to sea through the portal holes dodging the spray of the surging waves was a pretty wicked experience. Definitely add this place to your Mornington Peninsula must do’s.”
Getting to the London Bridge
  1. Travel towards London Bridge car park.
  2. Continue to the very end of London Bridge Road to find the car park.
  3. Walk up to the lookout on the right or head left down the ramp onto the beach. Facing the water’s edge head right for 200m on the sand.
Best Conditions
Sunrise or sunset. Off-shore breeze & warmer months.
Easy. Very short walk to lookout and easy walk down stairs and along sand to water’s edge.


I love filling my weekends with outdoor adventures. I spend a lot of time at Phillip Island surfing and have a dream of converting a van into a sleeper for some serious down under trips.

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