Walk the Grampians Grand Canyon

Dwarfed by the towering rock, walk through the gorge of the Grampians Grand Canyon.
About the Grand Canyon in Grampians

Most Grampians visitors launch their day hikes from the Sundial car park. Unfortunately for them, they miss the Grand Canyon and all its beauty. The 900m walk runs through the middle of a gorge formed by rock ridges that run either side. Nearing the top of the Grand Canyon the rock cracks ajar. In the wetter month’s, water streams down into the gorge creating an impressive waterfall and a calming sound of trickling water for the duration of the walk. The perspective from up above the gorge is just as breathtaking too.

Despite the hike being short, it’s quite the adventure. Hopping across rocks, crossing foot bridges and even climbing ladders; there’s always something to keep you entertained.

  • Hiking/Walking
  • Exploring
  • Photography
  • Wildlife watching
My Grand Canyon Adventure: Matt Charlesworth

Rosie Bartle and I spent a few nights camping and exploring the Grampians National Park. We stumbled across the Grand Canyon by chance en route to The Pinnacle lookout. The huge rock faces made us feel ever so small; glancing up it was easy to see why the Grampians is a rock climbers dream. Part of the track is quite literally large rock boulders; we hopped from one to the next on a mission to capture the sheer size of this place. Inspired by GetNakedAustralia we even got our kits off for a short while at the top. It was an empowering feeling gazing down into the gorge completely open to the elements…”

Getting to the Grand Canyon

1. Travel towards Wonderland Road, Halls Gap
2. From Halls Gap take Mt Victory Road for 3km
3. Follow signs to Wonderland Car Park
4. Once on foot, follow signs towards Grand Canyon

Best Conditions

Sunset or Sunrise, Waterfall flows in wetter months but a great short-walk all year round.

Skill Level

Moderate. Only 900m circuit but stairs are so steep they are more like ladders.

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  1. Great detour. Definitely worth it

    Very impressive short walk. Great detour on the way to the Pinnacle. In the hot months I would be weary of snakes on rocks. We went in Summer and saw one not too far ahead

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