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9 Best Waterfalls to Chase Near Lorne

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Lower Kalimna Falls hike

A number of rivers flow down the Otway mountains towards Lorne, each with a number of picture-perfect waterfalls along the way.

We’ve done the exploring for you and found 9 waterfalls near Lorne that are worthy of an adventure.

Phantom Falls

Just two kilometres from town sits the Phantom Falls. Come prepared for a three and a half kilometre return walk to catch this beauty.

If you’re feeling adventurous, extend this walk to catch Won Wondah Falls and Henderson Falls in the same circuit. Start from Allenvale Mill and follow Saint George River.  

Lower Kalimna Falls

Lower Kalimna Falls is the most unique; just a trickle from a rock ledge over a little cave inside.

A short drive from Lorne and an easy three-kilometre bush walk is required to find this hidden gem. Exact location and more information on the walk can be found here.

Upper Kalimna Falls

Often over looked, the Upper Kalimna Falls are much taller than the lower.

Walk towards Lower Kalimna Falls and continue another kilometre into the Otway bush until you find the lookout.

Sheoak Falls

Sheoak Falls is a fantastic pit stop to stretch the legs and appreciate nature while driving the Great Ocean Road. Just a kilometre from the coast, the return walk will only take forty minutes or so.

At 15 metres tall it’s quite impressive but be mindful that in Summer months it can dry out and carry no water at all. Park here and walk.

Cumberland Falls

You’ll find Cumberland Falls after a three kilometre walk from the coast into the forest following the Cumberland River (six kilometre return).

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Not quite as large or impressive as other waterfalls near Lorne but the walk is very scenic and passes a number of potential swimming spots. Jebs Pool being the local favourite with a smooth rock slide. The walk commences at the Cumberland River Holiday Park.

Henderson Falls

A gentle climb from the Sheoak Picnic Area takes you to the base of Henderson Falls.

An impressive ten-metre cascade with other highlights on the walk such as the smaller Won Wondah Falls and The Canyon. Directions here.

Won Wondah Falls

A much smaller waterfall than others surrounding Lorne but you still wouldn’t miss it en route to Henderson Falls.

Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the region and is relatively easy to access.

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Appreciate this wonder from the lookout or head on down the stairs to feel the fresh mist sweep down the river. Follow directions to here.

Cora Lynn Cascades

A smaller picturesque waterfall with a moderate walk off-the-beaten-track. Chances are you’ll have this place to yourself.

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Be prepared to get muddy, the four kilometre return trek can turn to sludge after heavy rain – It’s all part of the adventure though… isn’t it? Start at the Blanket Leaf Car Park.

Be sure to visit The Trail to find more hidden gems on the Great Ocean Road.

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