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Blairgowrie Jumping Rock and Rock Pools

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On the back beaches of Mornington Peninsula sits the Blairgowrie jumping rock. A jagged cliff perches over a turquoise rock pool. From the top, you’re looking at a seven metre freefall – this rock jump isn’t for the faint hearted. Don’t be alarmed by how close it is to shore, the rock pool is at least three metres deep no matter the tide. In no way are we saying that this is safe; make your own assessment of the risks. There’s a few lower platforms to work your way up to the top and even if you decide not to jump at all, Bridgewater Bay is incredibly scenic and there’s plenty of rock pools to explore.
How to get to the Blairgowrie Jumping Rock:
  1. Travel Towards the very end of St John Woods Road in Blairgowrie.
  2. Park your car here ** and continue on foot.
  3. Walk past the emergency access gate and onto the trail.
  4. Continue on this trail for 300 metres all the way to the beach and take the stairs down onto Bridgewater Bay.
  5. Follow the cove around to the left for another 200m to find the jumping rock.
** Very limited parking – please consider locals.
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Exploring
  • Swimming
My Mornington Peninsula Adventure: @mattcharlesworth
“We spent the afternoon exploring the back beaches of Mornington Peninsula. Cape Schanck, London Bridge in Portsea and the Blairgowrie Jumping Rock were all on our hit list. We saved the best till last and ventured down to Bridgewater Bay to catch the sunset. The scramble up to the jumping rock was sharp and sketchy at times. I had jumped here a few times before but there’s no denying the nerves that came creeping back. Stepping off and feeling the moment of weightlessness just before taking the full force of the water on the soles of my feet – A few strokes to emerge at the surface and I just couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.”
Best Conditions
Summer. Sunset. Low tide and small swell.
Easy 500 metre walk over sharp rocks (bring shoes). Camping? Just Holiday Parks on Mornington Peninsula foreshore Dogs? Not Permitted. Toilets? No.
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