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Explore The Big Drift in Wilsons Promontory

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About The Big Drift
Enjoy a moderate 2km hike through beautiful terrain and emerge to the vastness of “The Big Drift” Wilsons Promontory sand dunes. An inescapable view that can be often over-looked. Break free from the congestion of the busy tourist filled locations such as Tidal River and Squeaky Beach, and behold the wilderness of everlasting sand dunes, ready to be explored. You will witness an extension of inland sand dunes, in which it’s easy to get lost. Careful signage has been put in place to ensure you’re on the right track. The sand dunes provide an exceptional place for photography, both day and night and can behold a array of stunning wildlife. Sports such as sand dune surfing can open up new experiences for the adrenaline seekers too.
  • Photography
  •  Wildlife
  • Stargazing
My Adventure at The Big Drift: @maxroux__
@c.b.mcleod and I setup camp at Stockyard campsite in the late afternoon to explore The Big Drift. We filled our bellies with as much food as possible to sustain our energy until the early parts of the morning. We hiked the moderate 2km through the trees and farmland, reaching the wonders of the expanding sand dunes. There was much to explore before the sun had set. We were careful to set a marker on our phones on the entry to avoid getting lost. After witnessing a beautiful sunset, we hid from the cold waiting for the stars to emerge. With no light pollution, we were stunned in awe of the incredible milky way and witnessing the galactic centre, Andromeda Galaxy and Magellanic Clouds. Such beauty cannot be witnessed within the confines of the city. Experiences like this can only be captured by exploring the boundaries outside Melbourne city.  For star gazing, the best time to witness the Milky way is February to October.
Getting to The Big Drift
  1. Travel towards the Stockyard Campsite.
  2. Enter the Wilsons Promontory gates and on the right of Promontory Road, you will find Stockyard Campsite.
  3. Stockyard Campsite is the starting point for the moderate 2km hike.
  4. At the first intersection of the walking track head left instead of towards the graveyard. The rest of the walk is well signposted.
Best Conditions
Sunset or Sunrise. All year round; however, it’s recommended to avoid this location after recent rain. In warm months it can also be a hot spot for snakes.
Moderate. Steep descents and inclines. Ground may be unstable.


I began my photography journey in the early parts 2016. Struggling to sleep at night, I needed a source of distraction. What became a simple distraction, shifted into passionate hobby of mine which was capturing the wonders of nature surrounding us all.


  1. I’ve been to check out “The Big Drift” a few times now. Highly recommend that you place a marker in the sand or on your phone to not get lost. Who knows how big this place actually is… would love to see it from the sky. Be weary of snakes basking in the sun for the walk in. Last time I shared the walk with a Brown snake. One of the most unique places in “The Prom”. Astounds me every time.

  2. Loved the big drift! Especially with sunset . Get ready to have sand everywhere though

  3. Hi there,

    is it safe to go there in november? I ask because of the snake comments.

    Thank you.

  4. A giant sand plateau above the tree line – like being on the moon. An amazing place for photography. An easy walk except for the last tiny bit – clambering up the almost vertical sand at the end of the path to get on top – but what a view when you get there. Other worldly. Hold on to your hats if it’s windy. We’ve been in summer and not seen snakes – but you always need to be careful of course – little deer hoof prints are what we noticed most on the approach path.

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