Marriners Lookout in Apollo Bay

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About Marriners Lookout
Up in the Otway hills overlooking Apollo Bay sits Marriners Lookout. A short walk to a clearing finds an epic vantage point with what feels like a birds-eye view of the seaside fishing village. For the nature lovers, the views will make you melt. For the more adventurous, it’s a popular sight for hang-gliding and paragliding… it’s easy to see why. The land was originally privately owned but was kindly donated to the shire to share the jaw-dropping views. Marriners Lookout is a hidden gem; from the waters edge the viewpoint goes completely unnoticed.
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My Marriners Lookout Adventure: @mattcharlesworth
@rosiebartle and I were chasing a sunset at Marriners Lookout after spending the day at the Apollo Bay Seafood Festival. My old ute struggled a little up the steep road but we eventually made it. A short walk to the top and there it was. We had seen photos of Marriners Lookout but they could never do it justice. Off-shore winds and with some swell about, the waves rolled in for as far as the eye could see. The sun did fall behind the hills shading the lookout itself but the land beneath shone gold. If we had our time again, we would have swapped sunset for sunrise and bought a picnic blanket and some breaky… but then again, can we really complain? What a sight to see.”
Getting to Marriners Lookout
  1. Travel towards the Marriners Lookout car park.
  2. Turn onto Marriners Lookout Road and follow for 1.5km up the steep hill.
  3. Park in car park and walk through the gate towards the lookout.
  4. Walk another 150m to the lookout.
Best Conditions
Sunrise or late afternoon. off-shore breeze. All-year round.
Very Easy. 150m steady walk to lookout.


I love filling my weekends with outdoor adventures. I spend a lot of time at Phillip Island surfing and have a dream of converting a van into a sleeper for some serious down under trips.

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