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Experience The Balconies Lookout (Grampians)

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About The Balconies
Wander through interesting rock formations and native Stringybark forests to encompass The Balconies lookout. Enjoy panoramic views of dense forest land and vastness of the Grampians National Park. This daring adventure is enough to get the adrenaline pumping for most but is also accommodating for walkers of all abilities. Take the 2.2km return hike to The Balconies to experience this hidden gem. Two rock platforms jut out from the edge of the cliff at over 700m above sea level. That’s high enough to disappear into the clouds or catch Grampians views as far as the eye can see on a clear day. When beginning your adventure at Reeds Lookout, the jaw dropping views of Mt Difficult Range, Serra Range, Victorian Valley and Lake Wartook are also on display.
  • Panoramic Views
  • Photography
My Grampians Adventure: @maxroux__
“We couldn’t get enough of The Balconies, we doubled up for a sunrise and sunset mission. Morning Trip James and I (an adventure mate of mine) rose in the early parts of the morning to find the most breathtaking views the Grampians has to offer. We scaled The Balconies, feeling like kings of the world. Golden light striking the dense forest lands and bouncing off the beautiful rock formation sent shivers down my body. It was disappointing to have to leave but food was calling our names. Afternoon Trip After arriving in Halls gap and securing our accommodation, we headed out on a wonderful windy road surrounded by rich wildlife and stunning flora to our destination of The Balconies. Casting clouds diminished our hope of golden hour but we were not disappointed in the slightest. Our eyes were glued to the grand scale of the Victorian Valley. We dared the overhanging rock ledge and captured a few photos to savour the moment. As it is a popular spot in the Grampians, like minded individuals are a pleasure to meet. When we arrived back at  Reeds Lookout, we unleashed our adventure spirit finding uncharted cliff faces for some more epic views.”
Getting to The Balconies
  1. Travel towards Reeds Lookout car park.
  2. The turn out is well signposted from Mt Victory Road.
  3. Continue past Reeds Lookout and take the pathway 1.1km on a slight incline to reach The Balconies.
Best Conditions
Sunrise or sunset, clear day, all year round.
Easy. 2.2 km return walk on well maintained path that is even accessible to strollers & wheelchairs.


I began my photography journey in the early parts 2016. Struggling to sleep at night, I needed a source of distraction. What became a simple distraction, shifted into passionate hobby of mine which was capturing the wonders of nature surrounding us all.

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