Explore the Petrified Forest, Cape Bridgewater

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About the Petrified Forest in Cape Bridgewater
Petrified Forest, the name itself, creates more questions than it actually answers. Cape Bridgewater is well off the beaten path too, it’s all a little bit of mystery; you just have to see this one for yourself. Hollow tubes of limestone protrude from the cliff top, some towering over 3 metres tall. “Forest”, is indeed a fitting description given that they’ve sprouted randomly but appear in clusters. The closest comparison is stalagmites in a cave but it feels as though these belong on the surface of Mars or even the Moon. For some, these rock structures might be a little underwhelming but for others, their unique formations and science behind how they came to be is really fascinating. Regardless, they make for a very interesting photo, a phenomenon that most people will have never seen. Looking out to sea and back onto land you’ll see fur seals and wallabies that call Cape Bridgewater home. Blue Whales, the largest animal known to have ever existed also visits this coastline November-May. Perched high up on the cliffs, the Petrified Forest is one of the best lookout points to spot one. Flies ran absolutely rampant here too, don’t say we didn’t warn you.
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My Adventure: @mattcharlesworth
“I spent a weekend in Portland checking out the Bonney Upwelling Festival. I was tipped off by a local to visit Cape Bridgewater. A colony of seals, picture-perfect views and a little whisper about a place called the Petrified Forest. The rock formations are just 10 minutes from a car park further West of Bridgewater Bay but I was unaware at the time. Instead, I walked 8.5km around the Cape. I saw the seal colony and a bunch of wallabies so it didn’t phase me until I realised I was losing sunlight. I arrived at the Petrified Forest just as the sun was setting across the ocean. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to visit Mars just yet but this is exactly how I’d imagine it. Some of the hollow pipes towered over me while others were just beginning to form. I was the only one there and it was something really different. Nature is full of surprises.”
Getting to the Petrified Forest
  1. Travel towards Blowholes Road.
  2. Pass Bridgewater Bay and continue on the same road for another 4km.
  3. Park at the very end of the road.
  4. The walk begins at the coast, follow signs left towards Petrified Forest.
Best Conditions
Sunset. Calm winds. All year round.
Very Easy. 10-minute steady walk from car park.


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