Morwell River Falls, The Perfect Day Trip


The Morwell River flows through valleys of the Strzelecki Ranges for more than 40 kilometres. Thanks to Gippsland’s fertile land, the area is renowned for its Mountain Ash Eucalyptus trees towering over jungle-like undergrowth. Lesser known, is the set of waterfalls that lie in the upper reaches of the river. Hence the name, Morwell River Falls. The first, and prettiest of the drops is framed by an overhanging tree branch that exaggerates its landscape orientation. Moving downstream the Gippsland water can then be seen cascading over two consecutive drops. The falls aren’t overly grand or powerful; however, this secret location offers a sense of calming tranquility. Thankfully, a local group of friends do a fantastic job maintaining the area, ensuring that the Morwell River Falls are easily accessible.

thriving vegetation on the Morwell River Falls banks

The cherry on top: The swing at the base of the first fall really adds to the serenity! Despite its shabby appearance the swing is fine for use. 

Toorongo Falls is another fantastic waterfall located in Gippsland. It’s only 2 hours from Melbourne and not far from Morwell.

Morwell River Falls framed by an overhanging branch and swing

Key Information

  • Water flows all year round
  • Morwell River Road is unsealed for some of the journey, but a 4WD vehicle is not essential
  • Steep Slippery Steps

Getting to Morwell River Falls

  1. Use the address 965 Morwell River Road, Grand Ridge
  2. You will arrive at the intersection of Morwell River Road and Livingston Road. Continue on Morwell River Road keeping the river to your right for another 6 km or roughly 15 minutes.
  3. Keep your eyes peeled for a clearing and gate on your right hand side, park here.
  4. Walk past the gate and take any path down to the falls.

Portrait photo of the second drop at Morwell River Falls


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