Toorongo Falls, Nature’s Water Feature

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Toorongo Falls Landscape imageDescription

From the comfort of the lookout, Toorongo Falls appears infinite. Measuring the size of this waterfall borders on impossible, due to having no distinct start or end point. The water tumbles down the steep rocky hill from as far as the eye can see and it continues to cascade past the lookout, further down into the valley. Toorongo Falls is naturally photogenic but no image can reveal the impressiveness of this Gippsland spectacle. Couple this location with a 2km walking loop that also visits the Ampitheatre Falls and your day is set full of adventure.

Toorongo River flowing beneath the bridge at the start of the walk

Toorongo Falls

The walk towards Toorongo Falls consists of a few steep stair climbs but nothing overly strenuous. Follow the walking track anti-clockwise for 600 metres for your first glimpse at the top of the waterfall. The heavy rapids give a fair insight into what’s to come, but as Toorongo pokes through the gums, a feeling of admiration will follow soon after. The platform at the bottom of the falls is a great vantage point. However, if you have the power in your legs and the will to explore, take the muddy track up to the top.

Portrait photo of Toorongo Falls from lookout at bottom of falls

Ampitheatre Falls

Ampitheatre Falls is the smaller cousin of the two, just 600 metres further along the walking track. After making the journey into the Aussie bush, you would be mad not to continue. Deeper into the reserve, the variety of eucalyptus trees provide a dense canopy. The protection makes the transfer from Little Toorongo River to Toorongo River quite peaceful. Ampitheatre Falls may lack some height, but the power is just as great. Water accelerates beneath a large fallen tree before gushing down the shallow side of a large boulder. The lookout at Ampitheatre Falls makes it quite special, situating viewers right over the river. Once again, take the muddy track to the top, to experience a bird’s-eye view of the drop.

Ampitheatre Falls landscape photo hitting rocks with lots of power

Key information

  • 2 hours from Melbourne
  • Flows all year round
  • Poor phone reception
  • Free camping with amenities on site

Getting to Toorongo Falls

  1. Stop at the Noojee Trestle Bridge before visiting the waterfalls
  2. Use the address: 640 Toorongo Valley Road, Noojee (Do not search “Toorongo Falls” in Google or Apple Maps as their directions are wrong)
  3. After passing the town of Noojee, keep your eyes peeled for the slight left turn, as the access road is quite hidden.
  4. Continue on Toorongo Valley Road for 7km
  5. Arrive at car park



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