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Phillip Island Sand Dunes: “Spew Hill”

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Nicknamed “Spew Hill” by local football clubs, this sand dune on Phillip Island is perfect to try your hand at the peculiar sport of sand-boarding. The dune itself is incredibly steep; a slow trudge up the dune armed with a boogie board, Eski-lid, snowboard or anything else with a rather smooth surface and you’re ready to slide. Hurl yourself down the 40 metre slope and with enough speed you’ll find yourself skipping along the water down below. Lots of fun for the kids, but even more fun for the kids at heart. The height of the sand dune doesn’t just aid the slide down but it also provides a fantastic vantage point for local landmarks. Discover The iconic bridge that connects Phillip Island to the main land, the fishing village of San Remo and secret beaches that are nestled between the Kilcunda cliffs. Despite being clearly visible from the bridge and only 400m walk from Cape Woolamai car park, Spew Hill is arguably Phillip Island’s best-kept secret. Phillip Island Nature Parks do a fantastic job at protecting nature and its inhabitants; respect surrounding vegetation and stay clear of other dunes in the area.
How to get to Spew Hill:
  1. Travel towards the Cape Woolamai car park. Park here.
  2. Walk away from the beach and back up the access road for 50 metres until you see a small clearing for a track on your right towards “Cleeland Bight”
  3. Continue 400 metres along this track until you reach the waters edge.
  4. Head right across the sand for 20 metres, the sand dunes can’t be missed.
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My Phillip Island Adventure: @mattcharlesworth
“I hit Spew Hill with a bunch of friends on a Summer road trip to Phillip Island. After building up the confidence to try it once, we spent over an hour here just hurling ourselves down. I’ve heard many rumours about how locals choose to enjoy this place: Slip n’ slides and sand-bank parties are just a few of the stories on the grape vine. The only part that’s not enjoyable is the walk up, it’s now obvious why the local footballers nicknamed it “Spew Hill”.  Views from the top were incredible. I spotted breaks in the cliffs towards Kilcunda which looked to me like secret beaches; I was already planning the next adventure.”

Moderate. flat 400m sandy walk to sand dunes and very steep scramble up the sand dunes themselves.

Camping? No campsites close by. Dogs? Not Permitted. Toilets? Yes, at Cape Woolamai Surf Lifesaving Club.
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