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Mushroom Rocks Walk in Baw Baw National Park

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Take a 5.4km return hike to see Mushroom Rocks in Baw Baw National Park. Huge granite boulders are scattered along the trail, many of which are covered in a green moss and have rounded overhangs; hence the likeness to mushrooms.

At an elevation of 1240-metres, this hidden gem turns a wonderful white in Winter as snow blankets the surrounding forest. It’s one of the few places to see snow close to Melbourne without paying an excessive resort entry fee. Regardless, this adventure is a favourite year-round as the impressive rocks and towering trees make for a scenic walk through alpine wilderness.

Predicting snow can be a little tricky. Look for “Snow falling above 1000m” in the BOM forecast for Mt Baw Baw and keep tabs on the geotag or hashtag for mushroom rocks for daily conditions. Keep in mind, being an alpine region the weather can change quickly; sunny and still one moment and then raining and windy the next. As always, exercise caution in the outdoors and research warnings before heading out.  

How to get to Mushroom Rocks

  1. Travel towards Mt Erica Carpark **
  2. Take Mt Erica Rd from Thomson Valley Rd.
  3. Nearing the top, hang right to continue on Mt Erica Road at the intersection with Middle Tyers Road.
  4. Park in the car park and follow the “Australian Alpine Walking Track” towards the Mt Erica summit and Mushroom Rocks Campground.

** The access road to Mt Erica Carpark is unsealed, steep and could be covered in snow or ice during Winter. Although not officially a 4WD track, it would be highly recommended. 


  • Photography
  • Bushwalking
  • Camping
  • Snow Play

Best Conditions:

During Winter after snowfall at 1000 metres or lower. Exercise caution in high winds. Follow the forecast and check for local warnings at Mt Baw Baw BOM.


Moderate. A well formed track with short climbs but not overly strenuous. Suitable for most fitness levels.

Free Camping? Yes, the Mushroom Rocks campground is set in amongst the cover of the huge granite rocks and dispersed camping is permitted anywhere on the Baw Baw plateau.  Dogs? Not permitted in National Park. Facilities? Drop toilets and picnic tables at Mt Erica Carpark. 

My Review: @mattcharlesworth

“After receiving a tip on the Humble Trail Community Facebook Group, I had my sights set on visiting Mushroom Rocks with snow. It was early in the snow season and we didn’t come with huge expectations but we were quickly blown away by the Winter wonderland we stumbled upon. The huge boulders were impressive to say the least and the fresh snow complemented the scenery. The largest of the rocks are past the campground and information sign… keep going.”


Matt Charlesworth is the co-founder of Humble Trail, an independent publisher born from a passion to showcase Australia's natural wonders. With a love for outdoor adventures, Matt has spent countless weekends surfing at Phillip Island and dreaming of van conversions for ultimate Australian explorations. Though he has stepped back to allow a dedicated team to lead, his spirit of adventure and dedication to connecting people with the beauty of Australia continue to inspire the content and vision of Humble Trail.

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  1. Loved going up to the Mushroom Rocks and exploring the Baw Baw National Park area. It’s absolutely beautiful this time of the year (although very muddy and cold). Would recommend having really sturdy and waterproof hiking boots/snow shoes that are good quality if you choose to walk up to the rocks. The track can be quite slippery, cold and wet during winter. Also remember your camera and gloves!!

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