7 Best Wilsons Prom Day Walks You Need To Try

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Little Waterloo Bay

Wilsons Promontory National Park or more affectionately known as “The Prom”, offers many stunning walks.

Climb mountains, discover the wildlife and find secret beaches on these 7 epic day walks in Wilsons Prom.

1. Mount Oberon Summit Walk

Ocean views from Mount Oberon
Mount Oberon Summit. Photo by: @brodyexplores
  • Distance: 6.8km return (allow 2+ hours)
  • Grade: Moderate/Difficult
  • Start and finish: Telegraph Saddle Carpark

Experience panoramic views from atop Mount Oberon. The steep, 3.4-kilometre walk is rewarded by a stunning viewpoint over Tidal River.

On a clear day, the ocean views stretch from Tongue Point all the way to the untouched, Southern section of “The Prom”; views to the East also shows the undulating hinterland region. Unfortunately, there’s not much distraction on the walk up, it’s merely a gravel emergency road for the most part.

This walk runs return from the Telegraph Saddle Carpark. This carpark is closed for Summer school holidays and weekends from November to April, take the free shuttle bus from Tidal River during these times. Find directions and more information here.

2. The Big Drift

The Big Drift Wilsons Promontory
The Big Drift. Photo by: @maxroux__
  • Distance: 4km+ return (allow 90 minutes)
  • Grade: Easy/Moderate
  • Start and finish: Stockyard Campsite

The Big Drift is a natural wonder hidden in the Northern section of Wilsons Prom. After An easy 2km walk from the Stockyard Campsite you’ll arrive at the bottom of a steep sandy hill. Trek up and over to emerge at vast inland sand dunes that appear never-ending.

Take a self-guided walk to explore this wild place but just remember to set a marker on your phone as it’s very easy to get lost. Other than the steep hill up onto the dunes, this walk is relatively easy but could also be extended if you venture far out into the dunes. Find more information here.

3. Darby River to Tongue Point via Fairy Cove

Fairy Cove Wilsons Prom
Fairy Cove. Photo by: @brodyexplores
  • Distance: 10km return (allow 3-4 hours)
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Start and finish: Darby River Carpark

Tongue Point sits on the tip of one of the many rocky headlands that extend from the West coast of Wilsons Prom. For a shorter and less difficult walk, commence at the Darby River Carpark instead of the alternative Darby Saddle Carpark.

At 10-kilometres, this is one of the longer day walks but it is not overly strenuous. A moderate climb to start before a gentle descent into Tongue Point and the opposite coming back. On the way, discover a pristine, hidden beach at Fairy Cove.

4. Sealers Cove Return

Sealers Cove Wilsons Prom
Sealers Cove. Photo by: @joshcheongg
  • Distance: 19.3km return (allow 3-4 hours)
  • Grade: Moderate/Difficult
  • Start and finish: Telegraph Saddle Carpark

Sealers Cove lies away from any tourist roads or civilisation on the East coast of Wilsons Promontory. A 10-kilometre walking track links the Telegraph Saddle Carpark to the turquoise water and white sand of Sealers Cove.

The 20-kilometre return route is graded moderate to difficult with climbs and skinny sections. The overnight hikers passing through are sure to make you jealous but it’s still a thrilling day walk.

5. Tidal River to Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach. Photo by: @forestsprite_
  • Distance: 4.2km return (allow 2 hours)
  • Grade: Easy
  • Start and finish: Tidal River Footbridge

This is an ideal walk if you’re without transport and yes, the sand actually does make a sound. Fine, round quartz compress with each step creating a high pitched “Squeak”.

The 2.1-kilometre trail commences at the footbridge North-West of the Visitor Information centre. Cross the river and follow the trail over the headland and down onto Squeaky Beach. Optional detour to the Pillar Point lookout adds another 600-metres to the total distance… it’s worth it.

6. Vereker Outlook via Millers Landing

Vereker Outlook
Vereker Outlook. Photo by: @marci_bauer
  • Distance: 8.5km return (allow 2-3 hours)
  • Grade: Easy/Moderate
  • Start and finish: Five Mile Carpark

The landscape changes dramatically in Wilson Prom’s Northern region. See mangroves and appreciate 360 degree views from Vereker lookout. Commence the walk from the Five Mile Carpark and climb to the Vereker Outlook. On the way back down divert off to the right towards Millers Landing; this same track eventually links back around to finish once again at the car park. Follow these directions.

7. Prom Wildlife Walk

Wallaby Spotting. Photo by: @effective.perspective
  • Distance: 2.3km return (allow 30 minutes)
  • Grade: Very Easy
  • Start and finish: Prom Wildlife Walk Carpark

Just metres from the main road, it’s highly recommended you stretch the legs here either on the way in or on the way out. There’s a good chance you’ll see wombats, kangaroos and wallabies. And, If you’re lucky you might also see emus. Follow these directions.

8. BONUS: Sealers Cove, Refuge Cove, Little Waterloo Bay Loop

Little Waterloo Bay. Photo by: @mattcharlesworth
  • Distance: 35.7km return (allow 10-12 hours)
  • Grade: Difficult
  • Start and finish: Telegraph Saddle Carpark

This South-Eastern circuit is the most popular overnight hike at Wilsons Prom. Most walkers will take 1-2 days to complete the loop choosing to camp; however, if you happen to be very fit, experienced and up for the challenge this could be completed in a day.

Refuge, Sealers and Little Waterloo are the “untouched” beaches of The Prom. Only accessible by boat or on foot, there’s an extra special feeling of isolation and wilderness. The walk is just shy of a marathon and includes many serious climbs, do your own research before tackling this adventure.

Be sure to visit The Trail to find more hidden gems at Wilsons Prom. 

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