Mt Cannibal 2.5km Circuit Walk

Summit walk to a rocky outcrop with panoramic Gippsland views.
About Mt Cannibal

Take the 2.5km circuit walk to the summit of Mt Cannibal, enjoy the lookouts and appreciate a thriving flora and fauna reserve. Just a stone throw from the Garfield section of the Princes Freeway this hidden gem is relatively unknown to the hundreds of commuters passing by.

At the Northern lookout point, you are rewarded with 180 degrees of  Gippsland’s signature rolling hills. Large granite rock protrudes from the mountain-side like it was deliberately put there for a wicked photo. The short circuit consists of a steep ascent and descent, with a flat link joining the North and South lookouts.

  • Hiking/walking
  • Photography
  • Fitness
My Mt Cannibal Adventure: Matt Charlesworth

Rosie Bartle and I braved an early rise to make it up to the Mt Cannibal summit for sunrise.  We hiked the circuit anti-clockwise and headed straight for the North lookout.

The track was short but not exactly easy going; we broke a sweat tackling the big steps. Not to mention we hiked the most part in the dark… first light just couldn’t make its way through the trees. Fortunately, it was well worth it at the top. We took a seat right on the edge of the rock for some breaky (Bananas of course) to watch the day break. We snapped a few shots as the sun lit up the valley beneath us”

Getting To Mt Cannibal
  1. Travel towards 260 Garfield North Road, Garfield North.
  2. Once off the Monash, travel 2.6km down Garfield North Road.
  3. Look for Mt Cannibal Flora & Fauna Reserve sign on the left .
  4. Enter car park on the right.
Best Conditions

Sunset or sunrise. All year round.

Skill Level

Moderate. 2.5 km circuit walk with steep ascent and descent on stairs.

Camping? No. Dogs? Not Permitted. Toilets? Yes, at carpark.

8 reviews

  1. Sunrise at Mt Cannibal

    We dragged ourselves out of bed and visited this stunning spot for sunrise and it was well worth the tired eyes. The climb isn’t too strenuous, but it does get the blood pumping with it’s small inclining trail all the way up, until you reach the lookout. The peach-coloured sky and golden sun waking up, lit up the sleeping houses and wildlife tucked in the trees. I could’ve sat there all day admiring the views!

  2. Gorgeous views!

    Great little walk! Not too strenuous and not too long.
    The views from the top are really beautiful and you can sit/lie on the flat rocks and soak up the sun rays while enjoying the view… lovely!
    I definitely prefer going down the side with the steep stairs rather than up!!

  3. Recommend!

    Such amazing views! Not too difficult of a walk but great for a bit of cardio! Would recommend!

  4. Great for photos and videos

    Its awesome knowing theres a view and a place like this just half an hour down the freeway.
    Great work out getting up here and an amazing place for a timelapse.
    Overall a must go if you live anywhere in the south east

  5. Highly Reccomended Walk! This walk is an amzing walk, remember to take a camera!

    the thing is I have never gone on this walk before but I am going to today! I am just going to write a review based on all the other reviews people have wrote.
    The walk is very fun, it’s not too hard either which is really nice for a change. it is awesome that it is only a 30 minute drive on the freeway and your there! The thing I love most about this walk is the rewarding views when you get to the top of the mountain! It is great for taking photos because you will get some amazing photos of the scenery. I would recommend going when it’s about to sunset because it looks extra pretty at the top. However what I’m trying to say is that I would highly recommend this walk. If anyone reading this has done the Thousand Steps, this walk is easier than the Thousand Steps. Anyway thank-you for reading my comment and I hope you enjoyed it and take some of my advice. Make sure you remember to take a camera and if you write a review write only good things and give the 5 starts. Because it is an amazing walk!

  6. great views

    So close to my home and well worth my 1st visit, not too difficult a walk but still a good workout up the large steps. fantastic views from the rock, take decent shoes , some water and couple of home made muffins

  7. great views

    great walk, not too hard but still a good workout, awesome views from the rock, so if you’re in the area its well worth the effort to go and take some water a couple of home made muffins for a treat!

  8. A good track ruined

    Used to be a pleasant track . Now turned into a footpath. Concrete almost all the way.

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