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Flinders Blowhole, Tackle the Sea Spray

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Waves crashing up on to rocks at the Flinders BlowholeThe Flinders Blowhole lies hidden amongst the cliffs bounded by Cape Schanck and Flinders. Just off Boneo Road and at the bottom of the Blowhole Track lies an elephant shaped rock that projects out into the Bass Strait. A measured combination of the tide, wind direction and swell, gives meaning to the name “blowhole”. Waves can be seen smashing into the exposed rock and spraying metres in to the air. If the conditions do not align for the blowhole, other adventure opportunities await; rock pools and short walking tracks are also present on this coastline.

Key Information:

  • 1 hour and 30 minutes from Melbourne
  • The “blowhole” is best seen at high tide with a medium – large swell
  • Easy 100 metre walk down to the elephant shaped rock

Sunset behind the cliffs, view from the Flinders Blowhole

The Flinders Blowhole and surrounding beach is dominated by a coarse black rock, very similar to the seascape seen on the way to the Phillip Island Shipwreck. This basalt rock appears as large pebbles on the beach, reef on the ocean floor and as sizeable formations such as the ones responsible for the “Blowhole” effect.

Unlike the Peninsula’s bay beaches that feature white sand and turquoise water, this beach is far from picturesque. Breaking waves unleash on the bared rock, sending a reminder to all about the dangers and power of the ocean. The dramatic trend continues around the coast, with jagged cliffs encroaching over the water for as far as the eye can see.

waves crashing into sharp rock at the Flinders Blowhole

Enjoy the vantage points from the car park or tackle the sea spray and experience the sheer force of these waves from Elephant Rock itself – just try not to be swept away. If the conditions are not favourable for the blowhole, seek an adventure along the shore; the large pebbles make an interesting journey and the rock pools will also uncover some interesting finds.

How to get to the Flinders Blowhole:

  1. Use the address: Blowhole Track, Flinders VIC 3929
  2. Park in the car park at the end of the Blowhole Track 
  3. Make your way down the boardwalk to the left of the car park

Little Bird Rock at Flinders

 Adventure Review: Matt Charlesworth

I was lucky enough to catch the sunset with Rosie Bartle down at the Flinders Blowhole. The term ‘blowhole’ should be used loosely as it’s actually a section of jagged rocks that creates the splash. Nonetheless, this location is well worth the stop. The narrow dirt road is so hidden that we drove straight past it. Our luck soon improved though, as we arrived at high tide, with a generous swell too. Getting the opportunity to hang my legs over the edge with that sort of wave action happening just beneath, was absolutely incredible. If you can’t get enough of the dramatic coastline and you’re searching for another adventure close by, I’d recommend walking down to Bushranger’s Bay too!

Sunset behind cliffs at Flinders Blohwole

Rosie sitting on the edge of elephant rock at Flinders

sunset at the blowhole

walking on flinders blowhole trackWant to find more hidden gems near Melbourne, Victoria? Search The Trail and follow us for updates and new places on Instagram: @humble.trail



Matt Charlesworth is the co-founder of Humble Trail, an independent publisher born from a passion to showcase Australia's natural wonders. With a love for outdoor adventures, Matt has spent countless weekends surfing at Phillip Island and dreaming of van conversions for ultimate Australian explorations. Though he has stepped back to allow a dedicated team to lead, his spirit of adventure and dedication to connecting people with the beauty of Australia continue to inspire the content and vision of Humble Trail.

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