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6 Best Places To See Cherry Blossoms In Sydney 2024

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Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
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Immerse yourself in a world of pink as we guide you through the best places to see cherry blossoms in Sydney. From the heart of the city to the picturesque outskirts, Sydney offers a myriad of locations to witness the captivating beauty of cherry blossoms. Explore the enchanting Auburn Botanic Gardens, wander through the historic Leura Village, or venture out to the breathtaking Blue Mountains Botanic Garden. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Sydney’s cherry blossom spectacle is sure to leave you in awe. So, grab your camera and get ready to be mesmerized by the dazzling display of cherry blossoms in Sydney.

Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Sydney at a Glance

Our list of best places to see cherry blossoms in Sydney goes like this:

These beautiful locations offer a chance to witness the captivating beauty of cherry blossoms in and around Sydney. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit these spots during the blooming season, which typically occurs from mid-August to early September.

1. Auburn Botanic Gardens

Auburn Botanic Gardens is a must-visit for cherry blossom enthusiasts. Established in 1977, this 9.7-hectare botanical garden is a serene oasis that features two lakes, a waterfall, and a variety of gardens, including a native and rainforest garden, a scented garden, and a sunken rose garden.

The gardens are home to the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival, one of Australia’s most photographed and Instagrammable cultural events. The festival is held in August and offers a rare spectacle of pink cherry blossom trees, also known as ‘Sakura’, in full bloom, located in the iconic ‘Cherry Trail’ within the traditional style Japanese Garden.

  • Address: Chisholm Rd &, Chiswick Rd, Auburn NSW 2144, Australia
  • Fare: The Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival at Auburn Botanic Gardens is free for kids 15 and under and Cumberland residents; $10/adult.
  • Google Map Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/at9kmHDmBFfhBJhg9

2. Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney is Australia’s oldest botanic garden and a heritage-listed major 30-hectare botanical garden. It’s one of Sydney’s most popular spots to see vibrant flowers in bloom, including cherry blossoms.

Located at Farm Cove on the eastern fringe of the Sydney central business district, the garden offers a wonderful Spring Walk where you can get lost in a sanctuary of flowers, including vibrant cherry blossoms. You’ll find this beautiful selection on the Macquarie Walk within the Royal Botanic Garden.

3. Leura

Leura, a small town 100km from Sydney CBD, is arguably the consistently best place to see cherry blossoms near Sydney. The town is famous for the annual Gardens Festival and its gardens are a highlight, especially during spring when cherry blossoms line the main streets.

The Leura Gardens Festival, held over the long weekend in October, features a dizzying variety of cool-climate plants, striking deciduous trees, and a sea of gorgeous blooms, including cherry blossoms.

  • Address: Leura NSW 2780, Australia.
  • Fare: Free to witness the neighbourhood’s pink fluffy wonders. The Leura Gardens Festival may have an entry fee (check the festival’s website for current prices).
  • Google Map Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/VLrPTbCVQiVaGwic9

4. Katoomba

Katoomba, a picturesque town in the Blue Mountains, is another fantastic location to witness cherry blossoms in full bloom. The town is known for its stunning natural beauty, including the famous Three Sisters rock formation and the Scenic World attraction.

During the cherry blossom season, the streets of Katoomba are adorned with beautiful pink blossoms, creating a magical atmosphere. Take a leisurely stroll through the town and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains while being surrounded by these delicate flowers.

5. Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, located in Mount Tomah, is a spectacular 28-hectare garden that showcases a diverse range of cool-climate plants from around the world. During the cherry blossom season, the garden becomes a haven for visitors seeking to admire the stunning pink blossoms.

The garden offers various walking trails, picnic areas, and guided tours, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the cherry blossoms and the surrounding flora.

6. Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens, situated in the heart of the Hunter Valley wine region, is a beautiful 14-hectare garden that features ten individually themed gardens, including a Storybook Garden, a Rose Garden, and an Oriental Garden. During the cherry blossom season, the gardens come alive with vibrant pink blossoms, creating a stunning backdrop for visitors to enjoy.

Explore the various themed gardens, take a leisurely stroll along the walking paths, and capture the beauty of the cherry blossoms in this picturesque setting.

  • Address: 2090 Broke Road, Pokolbin, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Fare: Entry fees apply. Check the Hunter Valley Gardens website for current prices.
  • Google Map Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/xVwTE59bMPixa9EU9

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Sydney?

The peak blooming period for cherry blossoms in Sydney typically occurs from mid-August to early September. However, the exact timing can vary depending on the weather and specific location.

Can I access these cherry blossom locations using public transport?

Many of the locations within Sydney, such as the Auburn Botanic Gardens and the Royal Botanic Garden, are easily accessible by public transport. For some destinations outside the city, like the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden or Hunter Valley Gardens, it may be more convenient to rent a car or join a guided tour.

Are there any cherry blossom festivals or events in Sydney?

Yes, the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival, held annually at Auburn Botanic Gardens, is a popular event that celebrates the beauty of cherry blossoms and Japanese culture. The festival features traditional Japanese performances, food stalls, workshops, and more.

Is there an entry fee to see the cherry blossoms?

Some locations, like the Auburn Botanic Gardens and Hunter Valley Gardens, may charge an entry fee, especially during special events like the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival. However, many other locations, such as the streets of Leura and Katoomba or the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, are free to explore.

Can I take photos of the cherry blossoms?

Yes, visitors are generally allowed to take photos of the cherry blossoms. However, please respect the environment and avoid damaging the trees or flowers. Some locations may have specific rules or guidelines for photography, so it’s always a good idea to check in advance.

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