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19 Best Michelin-Grade Restaurants in Melbourne: A Culinary Guide

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Yugen Dining
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Melbourne’s food scene is amazing, it currently does not have a Michelin star yet. But we’ve got spots Get ready to dive into the flavors and stories that make Melbourne’s food scene unbeatable.

Our list of top picks from Melbourne’s Michelin-grade restaurants goes like this:

  • For innovative dishes rooted in Australian culture and history: Attica
  • For a unique blend of gourmet dining and agritourism: Brae
  • For an exquisite Japanese omakase experience: Minamishima
  • For a sophisticated blend of Italian and Australian culinary traditions: Grossi Florentino

Vue de monde

Located at the top of Melbourne’s famous Rialto Towers, Vue de monde stands out for its combination of fine dining and impressive views of the city. Under the guidance of Executive Chef Hugh Allen, the restaurant provides an elegant dining experience that highlights a strong appreciation for seasonal and local Australian ingredients.

The Chef’s Tasting Menu, offering modern takes on Australian dishes, is set at $360 per person, indicating the high quality and exclusivity of the meal.

Vue de monde’s atmosphere is crafted to engage all the senses, not just the taste buds; from the dark ride up in the elevator to the stunningly bright and wide views of the Melbourne skyline, every detail is thoughtfully arranged to make the dining experience unforgettable.

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Flower Drum

Flower Drum in Melbourne offers an elevated Chinese dining experience that goes beyond the traditional. Known for its impeccable service and refined atmosphere, the restaurant has been a staple in Melbourne’s culinary scene for decades.

The menu features classic Cantonese dishes, each prepared with precision and the finest ingredients available.

While the prices can vary, guests can expect to pay upwards of $100 for their meal, depending on their choices. Flower Drum continues to set the standard for Chinese fine dining in Melbourne, offering a blend of tradition and sophistication that is both rare and exquisite.

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Longrain, a top spot for modern Thai food in Melbourne, provides an energetic and shared dining experience that is both fancy and casual. Located at 44 Little Bourke St, this restaurant is famous for its fresh take on classic Thai recipes, meant to be enjoyed with friends.

For $89 per person, the banquet menu offers a variety of Longrain’s best dishes, such as betel leaf with poached prawn and crispy rice with pork mince.

The environment is friendly and lively, making it an ideal place for a laid-back yet refined meal. Additionally, there’s a bar upstairs called Longsong, where visitors can sip on Thai-inspired cocktails and local wines after their dinner.

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Lûmé takes a creative and unconventional approach to fine dining, located at 226 Coventry St, South Melbourne. The restaurant, under the guidance of Chef Quade, offers a menu that challenges the conventional boundaries of taste and culinary artistry.

Known for its thought-provoking dishes and a strong emphasis on non-alcoholic pairings, Lûmé provides a unique dining experience that is both intellectual and enjoyable.

The ambiance is intimate and the service is attentive, ensuring a memorable meal that is as much about the experience as it is about the food.

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Cutler & Co.

Located in a former metal works factory at 55–57 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, Cutler & Co. combines industrial chic with refined dining. Chef Andrew McConnell’s flagship restaurant offers a menu that reflects a commitment to fresh, local ingredients and bold flavors.

The dining experience can be tailored with a choice of à la carte or a degustation menu, providing flexibility to suit different dining preferences.

The restaurant’s design, featuring leather booths and a striking bar area, creates an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and welcoming.

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Matilda 159 Domain

Matilda 159 Domain, by celebrated chef Scott Pickett, is a bold, contemporary restaurant that celebrates the elemental technique of cooking with fire and smoke.

Located opposite the Royal Botanic Gardens, the venue offers a warm and inviting atmosphere with a touch of rustic elegance.

The menu features Australian ingredients with a focus on sustainable seafood and meats cooked over open flames. Signature dishes include the smoked lamb shoulder and the wood-roasted cauliflower. The dining experience is complemented by a thoughtful wine list that highlights local vineyards.

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Movida is a famous Melbourne restaurant that has been leading the Spanish food scene in Australia for more than 20 years.

Situated in the lively Hosier Lane, famous for its colorful street art, Movida provides a tapas experience that mixes traditional Spanish tastes with Australian products.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is warm and always full of life, just like a real Spanish bodega. Some of the must-try dishes are the anchovy with smoked tomato sorbet and the slow-cooked beef cheek in Pedro Ximenez. This place offers a dining experience where each bite shares a story of food tradition and creativity.

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Located right in the center of Melbourne’s Flinders Lane, Coda has been a key part of the city’s restaurant scene since it opened in 2009.

The restaurant serves a menu that mixes French and Vietnamese flavors, with meals meant to be shared. The setting is lively and stylish, decorated in a simple yet modern style with industrial elements.

Some of the standout dishes are the yellow curry duck leg and the tamarind crab apple salad. Coda aims to provide a dining experience that’s both laid-back and elegant, focusing on strong flavors.

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Tonka, hidden behind the iconic graffitied walls of Flinders Lane, offers a modern Indian culinary experience that blends traditional flavors with a contemporary twist. Since opening in 2013, Tonka has earned a reputation for its refined approach and has maintained a One Hat status from The Age Good Food Guide.

The restaurant features an ethereal installation by Naomi Troski and sweeping views of Flinders Street, creating an elegant atmosphere.

The menu, influenced by both Indian and European cuisines, includes standout dishes like the soft shell crab pakora and the tandoori chicken. The set menu for groups is priced at $80 per person, offering a curated taste of Tonka’s best.

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IDES in Collingwood offers a fresh take on dining with its dimly lit, grey-colored room that prepares you for a unique food adventure.

The head chef, Peter Gunn, who worked as a sous chef at Attica before, leads the restaurant. They serve a tasting menu that surprises and pleases with dishes such as deep pork broth and trout roe on creamy avocado.

The atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back, but the food is complex, focusing on dishes that not only taste great but also look amazing. The tasting menu begins at $55, making IDES a must-visit spot for those looking for an extraordinary meal in one of Melbourne’s coolest areas.

Society Dining Room

Situated at 80 Collins Street, Society Dining Room sets the standard for elegant dining in Melbourne. This restaurant showcases a contemporary Australian style with lavish interiors, featuring hand-cut crystal chandeliers and luxurious booth seating.

Its menu presents European-inspired à la carte choices and a Society Social set menu that updates with the seasons, beginning at $55 per person.

With an impressive wine cellar and the skill of à la carte dining, each visit offers a distinct and carefully chosen dining experience, showing Society’s dedication to a changing and lively dining scene.

Yugen Dining

Yugen Dining offers a high-end Japanese dining experience in the heart of South Yarra. Located beneath its sister venue, Yugen Tea Bar, the restaurant features a dramatic glass-walled elevator that leads to a subterranean dining space with textural stone walls and a striking chandelier.

The menu, crafted by head chef Alex Yu, includes dishes like prawn mousse on youtiao and drunken poussin with shiso, blending traditional Japanese techniques with innovative Asian influences.

The Yugen Chef Experience is priced at $180 per person, offering an elaborate and intimate dining experience.

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Chae, located in the scenic town of Cockatoo, offers a unique dining experience that combines traditional Korean cuisine with a personal touch.

This intimate restaurant, set in the home of Chef Jung Eun Chae and her partner, provides a serene dining atmosphere with just six seats available per seating.

The menu changes monthly, reflecting the seasonal availability of ingredients, and includes dishes like homemade barley tea, cold noodle soup with soy milk, and spicy soft tofu stew. The set menu is priced at $120 per person, offering a truly immersive and exclusive culinary journey.

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Grossi Florentino

Grossi Florentino, an iconic Italian restaurant in Melbourne, has been a cornerstone of the city’s dining scene since 1928.

Located at 80 Collins Street, the restaurant offers three distinct dining experiences: the informal Cellar Bar, the upscale Grill, and the luxurious Florentino.

The menu celebrates Italian and Australian culinary traditions, with a focus on sustainable practices and strong relationships with local farmers. The Gran Tour menu, priced at $210 per person, offers a luxurious exploration of Italian cuisine.

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Nomad Melbourne

Nomad Melbourne, found at 187 Flinders Lane, introduces the lively dining experience of Sydney to Melbourne, emphasizing cooking with fire and using local ingredients.

The restaurant creates a refined but welcoming atmosphere, featuring dishes such as meats cooked over fire and a selection of plates meant for sharing.

The Feast menu, which costs $95 per person, offers great value, giving guests the chance to try various signature dishes of the restaurant. The setting is comfortable and a bit underground, making it a quiet escape from the busy city life outside.

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Freyja presents a contemporary ‘New Nordic’ approach to dining, located in the historic Olderfleet building at 477 Collins Street.

The restaurant blends Australian ingredients with Nordic culinary principles, offering dishes like heart-shaped waffles with Yarra Valley trout roe and scotch fillet with seaweed mustard.

The setting is sophisticated, with soaring cathedral windows and a visible kitchen adding to the dining experience. Freyja is ideal for business lunches or special occasions, with a focus on private dining and an extensive selection of akvavit and schnapps.

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Situated in the lush landscapes of Birregurra, Brae offers a unique blend of gourmet dining and agritourism, where the dining experience is intimately tied to the land and seasons.

Chef Dan Hunter emphasizes sustainable and organic farming practices, with much of the menu sourced directly from the property’s own farm.

The set menu, priced at $360 per person, is a reflection of the restaurant’s philosophy of sustainability and innovation in Australian cuisine. Guests are encouraged to explore the farm and see firsthand the source of their meal, making Brae not just a place to eat, but a place to experience.

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Attica, located in the suburb of Ripponlea, is more than a place to eat; it’s a journey through food that’s deeply connected to personal and local stories. Chef Ben Shewry turns the restaurant into a space where he experiments with Australian cooking, using native ingredients and his own life stories.

The tasting menu, priced at $360 per person, takes diners through Australia’s rich food history and Shewry’s experiences, with creative dishes that surprise and please the senses.

Attica focuses on making diners feel connected to the area, using ingredients from nearby and paying great attention to how the food is presented and explained by the staff.

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Minamishima provides a top-notch Japanese dining experience, centered around the traditional omakase style, where the chef chooses each dish for you.

Situated at 4 Lord St, Richmond, this restaurant offers a peaceful and cozy atmosphere for diners.

The sushi is made with great attention to detail and uses only the best ingredients. The omakase menu, which costs $295, shows Chef Koichi Minamishima’s commitment to the craft of sushi making, making it a necessary stop for fans of genuine Japanese food.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Michelin-star restaurants in Melbourne?

No, there are no Michelin-star restaurants in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia because the Michelin Guide does not currently publish in Australia. However, Melbourne boasts restaurants of Michelin-star quality, recognized by other prestigious awards like the Good Food Guide’s Chef Hats.

What is the closest equivalent to Michelin stars in Australia?

The closest equivalent to Michelin stars in Australia is the Chef Hat awards given by the Good Food Guide. This system rates restaurants from 0 to 20, awarding hats that correspond to the quality of the restaurant, similar to Michelin stars.

Can I find restaurants in Melbourne that would likely receive Michelin stars if assessed?

Yes, Melbourne is home to several restaurants that are considered to be of Michelin-star quality based on their culinary excellence. Some of these include Attica, Vue de Monde, and Brae, which are highly acclaimed and have received multiple Chef Hats.

What kind of cuisine can I expect at Melbourne’s top-rated restaurants?

Melbourne’s top-rated restaurants offer a diverse range of cuisines, reflecting the city’s multicultural culinary scene. You can find everything from innovative Australian cuisine, exquisite Japanese omakase, to modern interpretations of Chinese and Thai dishes at these high-quality establishments.

How much should I expect to spend at a top-rated restaurant in Melbourne?

Dining at a top-rated restaurant in Melbourne can vary in price, but you can expect to spend anywhere from $100 to over $300 per person, depending on the restaurant and the type of menu you choose (à la carte or degustation).


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