East Warburton Redwood Forest

200 infant Redwoods organised in a perfect grid formation in East Warburton.

A delightful mix of human intervention and a natural spectacle, has combined to produce a magical Redwood forest in East Warburton. Over 200 Californian Redwood trees lie in a perfect grid formation, hidden in the rich wine region of the Yarra Valley. 

Over 80 years ago, a revegetation program was born in the area. The introduced species Sequoia Sempervirens (the fancy name) were planted in Warburton as part of an experiment. Believe it or not but these Redwoods are only infants, the tallest stands at a modest 55m. Natives on the Californian coast can grow up to 115m!

From the first few steps, the Warburton Redwood Forest carries an overwhelming feeling of eeriness. Feel the chill as the Redwood canopy casts its shadow and listen as the subtle ambience turns to silence. Large creepy “bird’s nests” are scattered throughout the forest, remnants of art by David Digapony who weaves portal like sculptures from fallen branches.

Australian Gum Trees even taller than these Redwoods can be seen at locations such as Morwell River Falls and Mt Cannibal.

How to get to the East Warburton Redwood Forest:

  1. Travel towards Cement Creek Road in Warburton. **
  2. Once on Cement Creek Road, drive for another 800 metres or so. 
  3. After crossing the bridge, look for a small clearing and a gate on your right hand side. 
  4. Park here and venture through the small walkway and into the forest. 

** Cement Creek Road is unsealed and can be rough in sections; however, most cars will make it.

Best Conditions:

Late Afternoon for sun rays poking through the canopy. All year round.


Very easy.

Camping? No free camping close by. Dogs? Not Permitted. Toilets? No.

4 reviews

  1. 😍

    Simply amazing! Felt like another world being there! For those who havent been there should definitely reconsider!

  2. A great walk!

    I agree! It was eerie at the start but it was a good experience walking through these giant infant trees and checking out each “bird nests”. Would definitely recommend a visit there and make sure you walk down to the little creek 🤙🏽

  3. Amazingly beautiful

    A very special place. Walking through the canopy of the giant trees, all in perfect formation, gives you a feeling of just how small we are in this big beautiful world. Make sure to walk down the bottom of the forest along the creek and fern trees. A truly beautiful spot.

  4. Redwood Forest

    Majikal and eerie are words that come to mind when thinking of the Redwood Sequoia Trees in East Warburton. The giant nests are amaxing and add to the ambience. The walk along creek and tracks behind the trees is amazing as well. Highly recommend ♥️

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