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Melbourne’s 13 Most Iconic Streets You Must Visit

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Collins Street, Melbourne
Source: Visit Victoria

Victoria’s streets are more than just roads; they’re lively places that show off the state’s mix of culture, history, and new ideas. From the cool High Street in Melbourne, full of live music and independent spirit, to the tasty food of Lygon Street’s “Little Italy,” every corner offers something new. Whether you love fashion, food, or history, Victoria’s famous streets welcome you to explore the core of Australia’s cultural hub. Let’s go for a walk, look around, and learn the stories these streets share.

Our editorial picks for the must-visit streets in Victoria are:

High Street, Melbourne

High Street in Melbourne is a lively main road running through the heart of the city’s inner north, linking the diverse suburbs of Northcote, Thornbury, and Preston. Named the “coolest street in the world” by Time Out in 2024, High Street reflects Melbourne’s lively and welcoming culture. This street is full of exciting finds, including cozy Australian cafes, a great selection of vintage shops, places for live music, rooftop bars, and even a small indie movie theater. It’s a place where food lovers, music enthusiasts, and those who love shopping will find something exciting around every corner.

There’s a strong sense of community on High Street, making it a friendly and inviting place for everyone to enjoy. You can easily get there from the CBD using the 86 tram line, making it a great spot for spending the day exploring the northern part of Melbourne. With its fantastic restaurants, hidden bars, and unique shops, High Street showcases the best of Melbourne’s charm, mixing a deep sense of history with a look towards the future. It’s a place where old and new come together, offering an experience you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Smith Street, Collingwood

Smith Street in Collingwood is a street that stands out for its variety and energy. It runs from the edge of the central business district and marks the boundary between Fitzroy and Collingwood. It’s a street that changes a lot and is full of life. Time Out named it the coolest street in the world in 2021 because it’s always busy and has a unique mix of places to eat, shop, and enjoy the nightlife. From the old-timey look of its buildings to the modern vibe of its bars and restaurants, Smith Street shows what Melbourne’s inner north is all about.

During the day, Smith Street is a place where you can browse through trendy Scandinavian furniture stores, pick up a banh mi from N Lee Bakery, or have a relaxed brunch at one of the many cafes. When night comes, the street turns into a hotspot for nightlife, with pubs, gay bars, and places with live music attracting people from all over the city. It’s a spot where the community supports local shops and celebrates the distinct culture that makes Collingwood an important part of Melbourne. Smith Street is more than just a road; it’s an essential piece of the city’s identity.

Chapel Street, South Yarra/Prahran

Chapel Street, which runs through the suburbs of South Yarra and Prahran, is known as the top spot in Melbourne for fashion and fun. This famous street is a dream come true for anyone who loves fashion, with endless options of designer shops, vintage finds, and popular brands. But there’s more to Chapel Street than just shopping. It’s also a great place for food and entertainment, with cool cafes, fancy restaurants, and busy bars everywhere, offering a wide range of choices for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy a slow morning meal, go on a shopping adventure, or spend the night out, Chapel Street has it all with style.

The lively mood of the street is contagious, attracting both locals and visitors. The variety it offers shows the unique mix of the nearby areas, making Chapel Street a small version of Melbourne’s bigger cultural scene. From sleek and stylish to odd and fun, Chapel Street shows what living in Melbourne is all about, making it a key spot for anyone wanting to feel the city’s lively spirit.

Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Brunswick Street in Fitzroy is the heart of Melbourne’s artistic community. It’s known for its unique, bohemian feel, with lots of independent shops, old-fashioned clothing stores, cool coffee shops, and places for live music. It’s a place that really celebrates creativity, making it a favorite spot for artists, musicians, and anyone who loves things that are a bit different. Brunswick Street shows off the less conventional side of Melbourne, with street art everywhere and the smell of fresh coffee in the air, inviting you to look around and get inspired.

The street is always buzzing, thanks to a wide variety of places to eat, from comfy vegetarian spots to busy places for burgers and more. When the sun goes down, Brunswick Street turns into a lively spot for nightlife, with bars and pubs offering live music that keeps the place lively until late. It’s a spot where you can really feel the community’s energy, showing off the welcoming and varied vibe that makes Fitzroy a really special and loved part of Melbourne.

Lygon Street, Carlton

Lygon Street, also known as Melbourne’s “Little Italy,” brings a piece of European charm to the center of Carlton. This lively street is well-known for its Italian roots, shown through its genuine espresso bars, ice cream shops, and small Italian restaurants that fill the street, giving you a taste of Italy with every meal. Lygon Street, famous for starting the first Italian Festa, remains a center for celebrating Italian culture and food with yearly events that draw people from everywhere. If you’re in the mood for a pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven or a scoop of Italian ice cream, Lygon Street offers a real taste of Italy.

The street comes alive at night when the outdoor dining spots turn into lively centers of activity. But it’s not all about the food; Lygon Street is also the place to find Readings, a well-known independent bookstore, and the Nova Cinema, which shows a handpicked range of movies. This street is a key part of Carlton’s character, showing off the area’s deep history and lively current vibe.

Acland Street, St Kilda

Acland Street in St Kilda is the perfect mix of beach fun and city buzz. This busy street is famous for its unique cake shops and lively café scene, making it a dream spot for those who love sweets and coffee. Acland Street’s European cake shops are well-known, with their windows full of tempting cakes and pastries that catch the eye of everyone walking by. Besides the sweet treats, the street is filled with small boutique shops and active bars, showing off the varied personality of St Kilda.

The atmosphere here is relaxed but energetic, capturing the true feeling of living by the beach with a bit of city excitement. Acland Street isn’t just for eating and shopping; it’s a place to really see what makes St Kilda special, from the streets lined with palm trees to its creative side streets. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely brunch or a fun evening out, Acland Street lets you experience the local lifestyle in a way that’s uniquely its own.

Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

Gertrude Street, in the artsy area of Fitzroy, is well-known for its unique shops, art galleries, and colorful street art. This street has changed a lot since the gold rush days, turning from a business area into a place full of culture. Today, Gertrude Street is known for its strong sense of independence and the wide variety of businesses it hosts. You can find everything from cool clothing stores like Obus to art spaces like Gertrude Contemporary, making it a perfect spot for those looking for something different and out of the ordinary.

The street also has a welcoming community vibe, drawing both locals and visitors to check out and enjoy its creative scene. Whether you’re enjoying a coffee at a cozy café or looking at unique fashion items, Gertrude Street is a piece of Melbourne’s modern culture that is both interesting and inspiring.

Collins Street, Melbourne

Collins Street is Melbourne’s grand boulevard, known for its high-end boutiques, majestic theatres, and historic churches. Often referred to as the ‘Paris end’ of Melbourne, this street exudes elegance and sophistication. From luxury brands to bespoke tailors and jewellers, Collins Street is a fashionista’s dream. But there’s more to this street than just retail therapy. It’s also home to architectural marvels like the Block Arcade and the Regent Theatre, which offer a glimpse into Melbourne’s rich history.

The street’s blend of modernity and tradition creates a dynamic atmosphere that’s palpable day and night. Whether you’re exploring its historic laneways or enjoying a night at the theatre, Collins Street offers a refined slice of Melbourne life, making it a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience the city’s sophisticated side.

Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Flinders Lane is a perfect example of Melbourne’s more hidden and interesting spots, running right next to the more well-known Collins Street. It used to be the heart of the city’s clothing industry but has now turned into a lively area full of some of Melbourne’s best restaurants, small fashion shops, and exciting art galleries. This change from old fabric factories to modern places to eat and stylish stores shows how good Melbourne is at changing and staying fresh. Visitors can check out places like the well-known Cumulus Inc., known for its focus on high-quality Australian ingredients for an unforgettable meal, or look around the many art places that show work from artists both from Australia and around the world.

What makes the lane even more appealing is its architecture, with old warehouses transformed into trendy living spaces and studios, showing a bit of Melbourne’s hard-working history. Flinders Lane is more than just a street; it’s a place that really shows off the city’s love for art and food, making it a top spot for anyone wanting to see what Melbourne’s city life is all about.

Degraves Street, Melbourne CBD

Degraves Street is a classic Melbourne alley, very close to Flinders Street Station. This small street is always full of life, with cozy cafes, unique shops, and colorful street art, making it a favorite place for both locals and visitors. It feels like Europe, with outdoor seating where people enjoy coffee or snacks, all while enjoying the busy atmosphere of this lively street. Degraves Street is famous for its great coffee shops and homey food places, showing off Melbourne’s famous café culture.

What makes Degraves Street special is how it mixes old with new. The old buildings set the scene for the busy life happening now, creating a place that’s welcoming and exciting at the same time. Whether you want to shop, eat, or just watch people, Degraves Street gives you a real taste of Melbourne life that’s genuine and magical.

St Kilda Road, Melbourne

St Kilda Road is more than just a main road; it’s a big, beautiful street that shows off Melbourne’s skill in mixing city life with natural beauty. It goes from the Arts Precinct in the city all the way to the lively area of St Kilda. This broad street is full of green trees, making it a beautiful path for people going to work and those just enjoying their day. It’s famous for its cultural spots, like the National Gallery of Victoria and the Victorian Arts Centre, making St Kilda Road a key place for art and culture.

This road also leads to the well-known Albert Park, home to the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, which adds excitement to its cultural atmosphere. Whether you’re visiting top-notch museums, going to a show in its many theaters, or just taking an easy walk to see its beautiful buildings, St Kilda Road provides a classy way to see the different things Melbourne has to offer.

Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Little Bourke Street, right in the center of Melbourne’s CBD, is famous for its lively Chinatown area, the oldest one in the Southern Hemisphere. This busy street is a center of culture, filled with the sights, sounds, and smells from Asia. It’s well-known for its genuine Chinese restaurants, active Asian grocery stores, and colorful celebrations like the Chinese New Year, making Little Bourke Street a unique place for experiencing culture. The street has a lot of history, with old buildings that are now home to dim sum places and noodle shops that have been favorites for both locals and visitors for many years.

Apart from its great food, Little Bourke Street is also a place for shopping, with small shops selling everything from traditional Chinese items to modern clothes. Whether you’re walking through its hidden small streets, enjoying a traditional tea ceremony, or eating dumplings, Little Bourke Street offers a lively and interesting experience that shows off Melbourne’s mix of cultures.

Sydney Road, Brunswick

Sydney Road in Brunswick is full of life and culture, stretching for several kilometers with a wide variety of stores, places to eat, and things to do. It’s known as the longest shopping area in the southern hemisphere and is always full of energy thanks to the different people who visit and shop there. You can find everything from old-school vintage shops to a wide range of international food, mixing the traditional with the modern. The street shows off the area’s cultural diversity with food and shops from around the world, like Middle Eastern bakeries, Italian pizza places, and Asian fusion spots.

The street is also known for its big Sydney Road Street Party every year, which turns the place into a huge celebration with music, dancing, and lots of food, attracting people from all over Melbourne and beyond. Whether you’re there to shop for something unique, enjoy a tasty meal, or just take in the lively scene, Sydney Road gives you a real taste of Melbourne’s diverse culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some must-visit streets in Melbourne for first-time visitors?

For first-time visitors, High Street in Melbourne is a must-visit for its vibrant community and array of dining and shopping options. Collins Street is also highly recommended for its luxury shopping and historic architecture.

Can I explore these streets using public transport?

Yes, Melbourne’s public transport system is extensive and efficient, making it easy to explore iconic streets like Chapel Street, Brunswick Street, and others. Trams and buses frequently service these areas.

What unique experiences can I find on Lygon Street, Carlton?

Lygon Street in Carlton is renowned for its Italian culture and cuisine. Visitors can enjoy authentic Italian coffee, gelato, and dine at some of the best Italian restaurants in Melbourne.

Are there any cultural festivals on these streets that I should know about?

Yes, many streets host cultural festivals. For example, Lygon Street hosts the famous “Little Italy” Italian Festa, and Sydney Road in Brunswick is known for its multicultural Sydney Road Street Party.

What is the best time to visit these iconic streets in Victoria?

The best time to visit these streets is during the spring and autumn months when the weather is pleasant, making it ideal for walking and exploring. However, these streets offer year-round attractions, so any time is a good time to visit.

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