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8 Best Escape Rooms in Melbourne

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Are you up for an adventure that’s a bit different? Melbourne’s escape rooms are exciting challenges that will make you think hard, work well with others, and put you in the middle of stories that grab and thrill you. From scary moments at LOST in Melbourne to the story-filled puzzles of Ukiyo Melbourne, there’s something for everyone. So, call your smartest friends and jump into a world of mystery and fun right in Melbourne’s center!

For a pioneering escape room experience:

Rush Escape Game

Hidden in South Yarra, Rush Escape Game provides an exciting escape room experience that will test both your smarts and your courage. The escape rooms are made with a lot of creativity and care, offering an engaging experience. Whether you’re finding your way through the spooky Hacksaw room or solving puzzles quickly, each game challenges your ability to solve problems in different ways. The staff is very enthusiastic, making you feel welcome and excited as you start your adventure.

Rush Escape Game is more than just getting out of a room; it’s about experiencing a story. Every room has its own story to tell, with themes that range from scary to adventurous, making it great for those who love thrills and mysteries. Whether you’re with friends, family, or co-workers, Rush promises an adventure you won’t forget, and you’ll be talking about it long after you’ve made your escape.

The Mystery Rooms

Step into The Mystery Rooms in Fitzroy, and you’re stepping into a world of intrigue and challenge. Located in a converted old wool factory, this venue offers a distinctly Melbourne flavor of escape room experience. From the ancient Egyptian riddles in ‘Footsteps of the Pharaohs’ to the medieval ‘Secrets of Camelot’, each themed room is a portal to another time and place. The rooms are designed with an impressive attention to detail, and the inclusion of actors in some scenarios enhances the immersive experience.

The Mystery Rooms is ideal for those who appreciate a narrative-driven escape challenge. The puzzles are clever and require teamwork, making it a great option for team-building or a group outing. The quirky, DIY charm of the venue, complete with a cozy lounge and a Doctor Who-themed toilet, adds to its appeal, making it a standout choice for those looking for an escape room with character and warmth.

Adventure Rooms

Adventure Rooms in Melbourne offers an exciting and immersive escape room experience for groups of 2 to 56 people. With two locations in the city, one on Little Collins Street and the other on Bourke Street, you can easily find a thrilling adventure near you.

Each themed room is meticulously designed with a unique storyline, transporting you to different worlds, from the eerie “Abandoned Cabin” to the enigmatic “Black Queen.” The puzzles are challenging and diverse, ensuring that you’ll never encounter the same challenge twice. They have a cool”Duel Adventure” format, which allows for larger groups, such as office events or parties, to be split into two teams and compete against each other in a cat-and-mouse style game.

Adventure Rooms is perfect for those seeking a real-life escape room challenge that will have you talking about it long after you’ve made your escape.

LOST in Melbourne

For those brave enough to explore the scarier side of escape rooms, LOST in Melbourne provides an experience that’s both scary and exciting. Situated in the center of Melbourne’s CBD, this place is known for its horror-themed rooms that are definitely not for the scaredy-cats. Whether it’s surviving a zombie outbreak or exploring a spooky dollhouse, each room is made to make your heart beat faster and test your courage.

LOST in Melbourne is the go-to spot for horror fans and anyone looking to see how brave they are. The rooms have ratings for how hard they are, how much physical effort they need, and how scary they are, so you can pick how tough you want your challenge to be. With immersive environments and top-notch special effects, it offers an intense experience that feels like you’re the main character in a horror film.

Ukiyo Melbourne

Ukiyo Melbourne in Brunswick offers a unique escape room experience that blends narrative depth with intricate puzzle design. Inspired by themes from The Legend of Zelda to Spirited Away, Ukiyo’s rooms are more than just escape games; they are adventures into richly crafted worlds. The Crumbling Prince series, for example, is a standout, offering players the chance to interact with dynamic environments and a live NPC, adding layers of interaction that are rare in the escape room world.

Ukiyo is known for its artistic approach to escape room design, where each game is an immersive experience that captivates and challenges. The rooms are designed to be a journey, not just a series of puzzles, making Ukiyo a must-visit for those who appreciate storytelling and innovation in their escape room adventures.

Escape Room Melbourne (ERM)

Escape Room Melbourne (ERM) in Flemington is where the magic of escape rooms all began in Australia. As the pioneer, ERM offers a blend of suspense and challenge that has been refined over years of experience. The rooms here are designed to test your logical thinking and teamwork, with themes that range from spooky to whimsical. Each game is a narrative journey, encouraging players to think outside the box and immerse themselves fully in the story.

ERM is not just about escaping; it’s about storytelling. Whether you’re uncovering secrets in a magician’s study or solving a murder mystery, each room offers a unique narrative that captivates and engages. This venue is perfect for those who appreciate a classic escape room experience with a strong emphasis on puzzle quality and creative storylines.

Trapt Bar and Escape Rooms

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Trapt Bar and Escape Rooms is a unique venue that combines the thrill of escape rooms with the relaxation of a speakeasy-style bar. Here, you can challenge your mind with one of their intricately designed escape rooms and then celebrate your escape (or soothe your sorrows) with a prohibition-era cocktail. The themes range from fantasy to horror, each crafted to transport you to another world.

Trapt is ideal for an after-work adventure or a fun night out with friends. The atmosphere is inviting, with a touch of mystery, making it a perfect spot for those looking to add a twist to their usual evening out. Whether you’re escaping from a wizard’s lair or navigating through a dystopian future, Trapt offers an escape experience that’s both challenging and fun.

Escape Hunt Melbourne

Escape Hunt Melbourne offers an escape experience that stands out with its attention to detail and engaging storylines. Located near Melbourne Central, this venue features a variety of themes from historical adventures to modern-day mysteries. Each room is a puzzle in itself, filled with clues and gadgets that require keen observation and critical thinking.

Escape Hunt is particularly popular among corporate groups and families looking for a bonding activity that is both fun and intellectually stimulating. The challenges are designed to foster teamwork and communication, making it a great choice for team-building events. With its central location and versatile room themes, Escape Hunt provides an accessible and enjoyable escape room experience for all ages.

Extreme Escape

The puzzles at Extreme Escape are intricately designed to engage the mind through a blend of critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork, ensuring that each visit is a distinct and captivating experience. The venue shines with its variety of themed environments. For instance, “Case 32” offers a gripping detective scenario set in the heart of London where participants unravel a complex murder mystery. In contrast, “The Shadow Circus” presents a mysterious and surreal escape, plunging players into the eerie silence of a deserted circus filled with cryptic puzzles and hints, enhancing the thrill of the adventure.

Each room at Extreme Escape serves as a gateway to a brilliantly crafted universe. “The Shadow Circus” draws participants into an atmospheric adventure, rich with a sense of mystery and a palpable eerie ambiance that makes it feel like a strange, abandoned spectacle. Meanwhile, “Spellbound” whisks players away to an enchanting magical realm, where the puzzles do more than challenge the intellect—they mesmerize and captivate. Celebrated for its breathtaking visual design and compelling narrative, “Spellbound” has become a favorite for its immersive storytelling.

  • Price Range: From $70, offering good value for an engaging experience.
  • Known for: Creative themes, engaging puzzles, and a range of difficulty levels suitable for both beginners and experienced players.
  • Website: https://www.extremeescape.com.au/
  • Address: 36 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

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