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15 Must-Visit Craft Beer Breweries Near Melbourne

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Mountain Goat Beer
Source: Mountain Goat Beer

Want to check out Melbourne’s craft beer spots? From the quirky Moon Dog Craft Brewery in Abbotsford to the chill Tallboy & Moose in Preston, Melbourne is a dream spot for beer fans. Get into the scene of special brews, lively beer gardens, and places where everyone feels welcome, and each drink has its own tale. Here’s to finding your next top beer choice in Australia’s top place for brewing! 🍻

Our editorial picks for the must-visit craft beer breweries near Melbourne are:

Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Moon Dog Craft Brewery is a true haven for those who cherish a good brew with a twist of eccentricity. Located in the heart of Abbotsford, this brewery is famed for its bold and experimental beers, ranging from watermelon pilsners to pumpkin porters. The vibe here is decidedly laid-back, with a colorful beer garden that perfectly encapsulates Melbourne’s eclectic spirit. Regular events and food truck appearances make every visit unique and memorable.

Step inside Moon Dog’s world, and you’re stepping into a realm where the conventional rules of brewing are playfully disregarded. The brewery also features a pizza menu that complements their adventurous beer selection, making it an ideal spot for a casual hangout with friends or a quirky date night. Whether you’re a craft beer aficionado or a curious newbie, Moon Dog offers a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere to explore new flavors.

Stomping Ground Brewery & Beer Hall

Stomping Ground Brewery & Beer Hall is a cornerstone of the Collingwood community, offering a vast selection of craft beers made on-site. From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts, there’s something here to satisfy every palate. The venue itself is an expansive, warehouse-style space that retains a warm and inviting feel, thanks to its thoughtful, family-friendly design and greenery-filled beer garden.

This brewery isn’t just about great beer; it’s about creating a space where the community can come together. The beer hall hosts a variety of events, including live music and community gatherings, making it a lively hub at any time of the week. The food menu, featuring gourmet pub fare that pairs beautifully with their brews, ensures that your taste buds are as happy as your spirits.

The Crafty Squire

The Crafty Squire, nestled in the bustling heart of Melbourne, brews its renowned James Squire beers on-site, offering a fresh taste with historical roots. This brewpub not only serves up a range of exceptional beers but also provides a dynamic atmosphere, where modern meets traditional. The venue is perfect for those who appreciate the stories behind their brews, with each beer having a unique tale tied to the historical figure of James Squire.

Visitors can enjoy a meal from the diverse menu, which includes everything from hearty burgers to refined pub classics, all while soaking up the vibrant energy of the city. The Crafty Squire also features live sports screenings and regular beer tasting events, making it a cultural hub for both locals and tourists alike.

Westside Ale Works

Westside Ale Works brings a slice of American craft beer culture to South Melbourne, specializing in small-batch beers inspired by the vibrant brew scenes of the US. The brewery prides itself on its artisanal approach, with a focus on hop-forward ales and crisp lagers. The taproom offers a laid-back, industrial chic vibe, where visitors can chat directly with the brewers and learn about the passion behind each pint.

The experience at Westside Ale Works is as authentic as it gets, with a rotating selection of 30 taps ensuring that there’s always something new to try. For those looking to fully indulge, the brewery often hosts American-style BBQ events, perfectly complementing their robust beer offerings.

Molly Rose Brewing Co

Molly Rose Brewing Co is a gem tucked away in Collingwood, where innovation meets tradition in the world of craft beer. Founder Nic Sandery’s approach to brewing is both creative and reflective, often blending historical beer styles with modern twists. The brewery itself is a cozy enclave, surrounded by industrial chic decor that complements its innovative brews. Here, you can sip on unique creations like a sour ale infused with white peach and grapefruit, reminiscent of a fine chardonnay.

The recent expansion of Molly Rose includes a chic new bar and restaurant next door, enhancing the brewery’s food offerings to match the quality of its beers. This spot is perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in both their drinks and dining experiences. With dishes like kangaroo and ‘nduja tartare paired with a raspberry-beetroot sour ale, Molly Rose is setting a new standard for what a brewery can offer.

Mountain Goat Beer

Since 1997, Mountain Goat Beer has been a stalwart of the Melbourne craft beer scene, brewing from the backstreets of Richmond. Known for pioneering some of Australia’s first organic brews, Mountain Goat offers a range of beers that are as diverse as they are delicious. The brewery is a laid-back spot where you can enjoy everything from a crisp Steam Ale to robust IPAs, all while catching a glimpse of the brewing process.

Mountain Goat is not just about great beer; it’s about community. Regular events and new beer launches make it a lively spot for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re a craft beer newbie or a seasoned aficionado, Mountain Goat provides a welcoming atmosphere to explore new flavors and old favorites.

Urban Alley Brewery

Urban Alley Brewery, situated right next to Melbourne’s lively city center in Docklands, takes pride in making beers that are both simple and tasty. They stick to a straightforward approach to brewing, focusing on creating “beer that tastes like beer.” The brewpub offers a family-friendly vibe with a classic pub menu that adds a modern twist, making it an ideal place for a laid-back gathering.

The brewery offers more than just a chance to sip on beer; it provides a full experience. With live music, trivia nights, and a chance to watch the brewing process firsthand, Urban Alley stands out as an active member of Melbourne’s craft beer scene. It’s a place where you can kick back, savor delicious food, and enjoy excellent beer in a friendly setting.

Bodriggy Brewing Co

Bodriggy Brewing Co, located in Abbotsford, is more than your average beer spot. This large place combines a brewpub, cocktail bar, and even a Froff Shop (bottle shop) into one. The beers at Bodriggy show off its daring and diverse character, with options like juicy IPAs and cool sours. The inside of the place is just as lively, decorated with murals and filled with the buzz of energy and music.

But Bodriggy isn’t just known for its excellent beer; it’s also a place where people come together for a fun cultural experience. With its big area, it hosts various events that attract people who want to have a good time. Whether you’re coming for the beer, the cocktails, or just the fun vibe, Bodriggy offers a memorable time.

Burnley Brewing

Burnley Brewing combines Melbourne’s modern style with old German brewing methods, making it a standout in the city’s craft beer scene. You can find it on Bridge Road in Richmond, where it’s known not just for its beer but also for its lively vibe. The brewpub offers a range of classic Italian food and American bar snacks that go great with their carefully made beers. Whether you want a strong porter or a light pilsner, Burnley has a beer that will make your taste buds happy.

Inside, the brewery has a cool look and tables where people can sit together, making it a great place to stay awhile and enjoy your drink. It’s a spot where beer enthusiasts come together to enjoy live music, trivia nights, and special beer events. Burnley Brewing is more than just a brewery; it’s a place where people who love good beer and good friends can feel right at home.

Hop Nation Brewing Co

Hop Nation Brewing Co, situated in the center of Footscray, showcases Melbourne’s booming craft beer industry. Started by ex-winemakers, this brewery takes a unique approach to brewing beer, emphasizing minimal interference. The taproom blends the cool look of an industrial warehouse with the cozy feel of a local bar. Here, beer lovers can try a variety of small-batch beers, from bitter IPAs to deep-flavored stouts, all made with great attention and skill.

Hop Nation is more than a brewery; it’s a place where new things are created and people come together. The taproom often has food trucks, live music, and events for launching new beers, ensuring each visit offers something different. Their dedication to excellence and community involvement places Hop Nation as a top spot for anyone interested in diving into Melbourne’s craft beer scene.

Colonial Brewing Co (CBCo)

Colonial Brewing Co, now known as CBCo, has made significant strides since its inception in 2004. Located in Port Melbourne, this brewery is a modern space where visitors can enjoy a wide range of craft beers and ciders. The venue is known for its lively atmosphere, hosting live music and major sporting events, making it a popular local haunt. CBCo’s approach to beer is all about accessibility, offering a core range that appeals to both casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike.

The brewery’s commitment to innovation is evident in its regular one-offs and impressive Barrel Projects series. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, CBCo offers a taste of modern Australian brewing at its best.

Temple Brewing Company

Temple Brewing Company, located in the lively area of Brunswick East, stands out for those who love well-made beers and great food. This brewery is known for its careful brewing process and commitment to high-quality, which you can taste in their award-winning beers. The brewpub has a modern, stylish look that matches its creative beers, making it popular among both locals and visitors.

At Temple, the food is just as important as the beer. The menu features South American-inspired dishes that go perfectly with the complex tastes of their beers, offering a well-rounded dining experience. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick drink or sitting down for a full meal, Temple Brewing Company provides a memorable experience that highlights the craft of brewing.

3 Ravens Brewery

3 Ravens Brewery, located in Thornbury, stands out as Melbourne’s oldest independent brewery. It has a storied history of pushing the boundaries of brewing by embracing both traditional techniques and innovative practices. The brewery is known for its eclectic beer range, which includes everything from classic ales to adventurous sour and barrel-aged brews.

Visiting 3 Ravens is like stepping into a hub of creativity where the passion for craft beer is palpable. The brewery often features limited-edition releases that showcase their experimental brewing philosophy. With a cozy taproom that reflects its community-oriented spirit, 3 Ravens offers a warm welcome to anyone looking to explore the depth and breadth of craft beer.

Fixation Brewing Co

Fixation Brewing Co is the place to be for IPA enthusiasts, situated right in the center of Collingwood. This brewery specializes in making India Pale Ales, offering a range from traditional to modern styles. The Incubator, which is Fixation’s brewpub, acts as both a place to try their beers and a creative area where brewers work on new tastes and methods.

The vibe at Fixation is lively, aiming to provide an exciting and engaging atmosphere. Guests can look forward to a changing lineup of IPAs, each made carefully with a strong hop flavor that has won many awards. For those who really love IPAs, Fixation is a great spot to explore the different tastes and complexities of this beer style.

Tallboy & Moose

Tallboy & Moose, located in Preston, is a brewpub that combines a laid-back Canadian vibe with Melbourne’s craft beer enthusiasm. This brewery is known for its innovative approach to beer, often incorporating unusual ingredients and techniques. The space itself is expansive, featuring a beer hall-style setup that’s perfect for social gatherings.

Whether you’re there for a quiet pint or a lively event, Tallboy & Moose provides a welcoming atmosphere. The brewery hosts a variety of events, from pop-up wrestling to trivia nights, making it a dynamic destination in Melbourne’s north. With a diverse beer lineup and a commitment to community engagement, Tallboy & Moose is a must-visit for anyone seeking a unique brewery experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours for these breweries?

Most breweries operate from midday to late evening, typically starting around 12 PM and closing around 11 PM. However, hours can vary, so it’s best to check the specific brewery’s website for exact times.

Are these breweries family-friendly?

Yes, many breweries like Stomping Ground Brewery & Beer Hall and Moon Dog Craft Brewery offer a family-friendly atmosphere with areas suitable for children and non-alcoholic drink options available.

Can I tour the brewing facilities at these locations?

Yes, several breweries offer tours of their brewing facilities. For example, Mountain Goat Beer and Temple Brewing Company provide guided tours where you can learn about the brewing process and sample various beers. It’s advisable to book these tours in advance through their websites.

Do these breweries offer food options?

Yes, most of the breweries listed, such as The Crafty Squire and Bodriggy Brewing Co, have on-site kitchens serving a range of meals that complement their beers. Options range from snacks and pub classics to more elaborate gastro-pub fare.

Is there parking available at these breweries?

Parking availability varies by location. Urban spots like Fixation Brewing Co in Collingwood may have limited street parking, while breweries located in less dense areas, such as Tallboy & Moose in Preston, typically have more parking options available.

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