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13 Best Bottomless Brunch Spots in Melbourne: Your Ultimate Guide

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The George on Collins
Source: The George on Collins

Brunch fans, get excited! Melbourne is taking brunch to the next level with plenty of bottomless brunch choices that will make your weekends full of unlimited mimosas, tasty food, and great times. Whether you love the hot flavors of Mexican food at Bodega Underground or the classy atmosphere of George on Collins, there’s a place for everyone. So, call your friends and jump into Melbourne’s bottomless brunch world, where the drinks never stop and the plates are always full. Here’s to endless fun!

Our list of top bottomless brunch spots in Melbourne goes like this:

Bodega Underground

Step into a slice of Mexico right in Melbourne at Bodega Underground. As evening falls, this cozy basement bar comes alive with people enjoying genuine Mexican dishes. The menu is full of favorites like tacos, quesadillas, and snacks, all gluten-free, so everyone can join in without worry. What really sets this place apart is its selection of mezcal and tequila, with over a hundred types to choose from, great for either slow sipping or quick shots. For those feeling bold, there are even salts made from worm and grasshopper. The decoration, with scanned posters from Mexican movies and religious art, makes the atmosphere feel truly Mexican.

When the weekend hits, Bodega Underground turns into the ultimate spot for brunch with its ‘Bottomless Mexi-Brunch’. Spend a relaxed afternoon enjoying five different dishes along with 90 minutes of unlimited cocktails, beer, and wine. It’s the perfect place for anyone wanting to add a Mexican flair to their brunch game.

Fargo and Co

Set in a beautifully restored 1907 State Bank, Fargo and Co offers a unique blend of history and modern Melbourne brunch culture. This two-story venue is not just about aesthetics; it’s a place where killer cocktails and delectable eats reign supreme. The ‘Bottomless Brunch’ on weekends is particularly popular, featuring an array of bites and unlimited drinks that make for a perfect lazy weekend outing.

The venue’s charm is amplified by its grand staircase and decorative windows, creating an elegant backdrop for any occasion. Whether it’s a casual drink or a grand event, Fargo and Co provides a setting that’s both impressive and welcoming.

The Smith Prahran

The Smith Prahran is a place where the local feel meets a big-city vibe, just off Chapel Street. This gastropub is a favorite for those who love high-quality pub food with great cocktails. It’s famous for its ‘Boozy Gospel Brunch’ and ‘Drag Sundays’, providing a brunch that’s as fun as it is tasty. The menu focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients, making sure every meal is full of flavor and enjoyable.

The Smith has a variety of spaces including a bar, courtyard, and several rooms for events, perfect for both small and large groups. The atmosphere is energetic yet comfortable, making it a great spot for Sunday brunch or a fun evening out with friends.

Magic Mountain Saloon

At Magic Mountain Saloon, Thai food gets a cool and unique Melbourne spin. It’s very close to the CBD’s theatre district, and this place is more than just somewhere to eat; it’s also a spot where people like to be seen. The lively setting goes well with a menu that mixes salty, spicy, and sweet tastes, all meant to go well with their inventive cocktails or a chilled beer.

Their ‘Bottomless Brunch’ is something you’ll want to experience, with a selection of Thai-inspired food and drinks that will make you want to return again and again. Whether you’re looking for a place to kick off your evening or somewhere to hang out for the night, Magic Mountain Saloon is a great pick.


Walk into Yakimono to experience a slice of Tokyo in the center of Melbourne. This fashionable restaurant focuses on the exciting and fiery aspects of Japanese cooking, presenting a menu that’s both eye-catching and scrumptious. The ‘Sip and Setto’ bottomless brunch stands out, featuring a variety of seven shared dishes like yuzu prawn gyoza and karaage chicken, along with 90 minutes of endless highballs, hibiscus spritzes, prosecco, wine, and beer. The contemporary decoration and lively vibe make Yakimono an ideal spot for a fun weekend brunch with friends.

If you love Japanese food or are simply in search of a different brunch experience, Yakimono has what you need. It offers a food adventure that will definitely leave an impression, with each dish designed to give you a taste of genuine flavors.


Located on the busy Lonsdale Street, Bombabar brings a taste of Spain to Melbourne. This rooftop bar and restaurant offers a wonderful selection of Spanish tapas with an all-you-can-eat lunch option on Saturdays. The menu includes a variety of dishes, such as spiced pumpkin and a large selection of vermouths, perfect for anyone who loves the deep flavors of Spanish food.

The atmosphere at Bombabar is cozy yet energetic, making it perfect for both romantic outings and group get-togethers. Thanks to its retractable roof, you can enjoy the lively setting no matter what the weather in Melbourne is like.

George on Collins

The George on Collins is where sophistication meets a laid-back vibe, located in the heritage Georges Building in Melbourne’s CBD. This Asian-inspired restaurant offers a bottomless brunch that features three sharing dishes and two delightful hours of unlimited drinks, including mimosas and Chandon spritzes. The brunch is complemented by live roaming music, adding an extra layer of excitement to your dining experience.

The interior of The George on Collins is elegantly designed, providing a chic backdrop for a brunch that’s as stylish as it is satisfying. It’s the perfect spot for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their weekend brunch plans.

Assembly Ground

Located in Essendon, Assembly Ground offers a unique brunch experience with its ‘Boujee Brunch’ menu. This café not only serves classic breakfast items but also spices up the brunch scene with options like lobster rolls and jam doughnut hotcakes. The bottomless brunch here includes two packages: the Classic and the Boujee, with the latter offering unlimited cocktails and a choice of any dish from the menu.

Assembly Ground’s modern and welcoming atmosphere makes it a great spot for both families and friends. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, their extensive menu is sure to have something to please everyone.

La Cabra

La Cabra in Hawthorn is all about celebrating modern Mexican food, where exciting tastes come alive in a fun setting. Famous for its ‘G.O.A.T’ bottomless brunch, La Cabra gives you a choice between a meat lovers or vegetarian five-course menu, along with as many cocktails, beer, or sparkling wine as you like for 90 minutes. It’s the perfect place for anyone wanting to start their weekend with a brunch that’s both lively and full of flavor. The place is decorated in bright colors, making you feel like you’re right in the middle of Mexican culture, perfect for a fun time with friends or family.

No matter the occasion – be it a birthday, a work event, or just a special weekend outing, La Cabra promises a brunch you won’t forget with its tasty dishes and unlimited drinks. It’s a top pick for those who love a great meal in an energetic setting.

Evie’s Disco Diner

Take a trip back to the 80s at Evie’s Disco Diner in Fitzroy, where you can almost touch the 80s atmosphere along with the smell of comforting food. This diner is friendly to vegans and offers an amazing bottomless brunch on weekends, with three hours of endless mimosas, bloody marys, and sparkling wine. You can enjoy dishes like waffles topped with fried chicken and French toast with maple bacon, and they can make these vegan if you ask. Evie’s is the go-to place for anyone who enjoys a touch of nostalgia with their brunch, surrounded by 80s-themed decorations that are sure to get people talking.

But Evie’s Disco Diner isn’t just about the food and drinks; it’s about making lasting memories in a fun and easy-going environment that feels like you’re at a friend’s party. It’s perfect for big celebrations or just hanging out with friends over the weekend.

Three Bears Boozy Brunch at Goldilocks Rooftop Bar

Perched above Swanston Street, Goldilocks Rooftop Bar offers the Three Bears Boozy Brunch, a delightful escape in the heart of Melbourne. This brunch features 90 minutes of free-flowing drinks, including Hawkers beer, wine by Tarot, and a selection of cocktails like the classic espresso martini and house Goldie’s Spritz. The Asian fusion menu, with options like spring onion pancakes and salt and chilli chicken ribs, complements the drinks perfectly, making for a satisfying brunch experience.

The all-weather roof and cozy setting ensure that Melbourne’s unpredictable weather won’t dampen the spirits of brunch-goers. With its fairy tale theme and breathtaking city views, Goldilocks Rooftop Bar is a magical spot for a weekend brunch that feels just right.


At Mejico in Melbourne, visitors can enjoy a real Mexican meal with a new twist. This place is in the busy Pink Alley and is well-known for its ‘Sangria Saturdays’. Here, guests can have endless sangria while enjoying a great ‘feed me’ menu that includes tacos, guac, jalapeno poppers, and more. The lively decorations and fun atmosphere make Mejico a great spot for a fun and tasty brunch.

Mejico makes sure to use fresh, market-driven ingredients, so every meal is not just yummy but also looks great. It’s an ideal place for a fun brunch with friends, where you can keep the drinks coming and have a great time.

The Commons Collective

Nestled in the historic Ormond Hall, The Commons Collective offers a unique blend of classic charm and contemporary flair, making it a standout venue in Melbourne’s brunch scene. Known for its versatile event spaces and lush gardens, The Commons provides a picturesque setting for its famed bottomless brunch. The brunch menu is a delightful mix of classic and innovative dishes, complemented by unlimited prosecco, mimosas, and bespoke cocktails, served every weekend in the vibrant Conservatory space.

The atmosphere at The Commons is both inviting and stylish, perfect for those looking to enjoy a leisurely brunch in a beautiful, relaxed setting. Whether you’re planning a special celebration or a casual weekend catch-up, The Commons Collective promises an unforgettable experience with excellent food, drinks, and service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the price ranges for bottomless brunches in Melbourne?

Prices for bottomless brunches in Melbourne typically range from $50 to $90 per person. This usually includes a selection of food and unlimited drinks for a set duration, generally between 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Are there any bottomless brunch options in Melbourne that cater to dietary restrictions?

Yes, many venues offer options for various dietary restrictions. For instance, Bodega Underground provides a completely gluten-free menu, and Evie’s Disco Diner offers vegan versions of all their dishes.

What types of drinks are included in a bottomless brunch?

The drinks offered usually include a mix of mimosas, bloody marys, prosecco, beer, and sometimes a selection of cocktails and wines. Specific offerings can vary by location, with some places like Yakimono offering Japanese-inspired drinks like highballs and spritzes.

Do I need to book in advance for a bottomless brunch in Melbourne?

Yes, it is highly recommended to book in advance, especially for popular spots like The Commons Collective and George on Collins, as they can get quite busy, particularly on weekends.

Can I celebrate a special occasion with a bottomless brunch in Melbourne?

Absolutely, many venues like The Smith Prahran and Fargo and Co are well-equipped to host special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and hen parties, offering both great food and a festive atmosphere.

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